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Opposition Needs To Engage Government On Key Issues

IT is said that nothing is permanent in politics! Hence one should not read much into the matter of friends turning foes, and vice-versa, in any political set-up. The current ‘development’ has however ensured that Goa for once seems to have a ‘combined’ opposition challenging the government for its acts of omission and commission. Beginning with the miserable condition of the roads and escalating garbage problems in the state, it has ascertained that by highlighting the problems afflicting the common man it has become the voice of the people. But weren’t these leaders who are hollering from over rooftops over the sorry state of the public amenities in Goa now heading governments, or were part of the ruling, once! Were the conditions any better during their tenure at the helm that they deem it as worthwhile issues to unsettle the government with now! The fact remains that locals have had to put up with potholed roads for well over a decade now and patch-works have characterised the repair works all along even then. A ‘vibrating’ Goa, as against the ‘Vibrant Goa’ envisaged by the present government, has always been a perennial attribute of the roads and highways in the state for years now. So, demanding accountability from the government over the matter of the deteriorating condition of our thoroughfares can only be thought of as a knee-jerk reaction to the whole issue. Now coming to the garbage menace that has spread its tentacles all over the state with a rapidity that is alarming! But are the piling mounds of garbage as everyday sights something that Goa has had to reckon with a new development by any stretch of imagination? An issue that has evaded a sane solution all these years, the matter cannot be dumped at anybody’s doorsteps just to gain one-upmanship. Why were these issues not prioritised during the ‘ruling’ tenure of these leaders who now find themselves relegated to the Opposition benches. Rather than act as mere activists, the Opposition leaders could well engage the government in worthwhile debates on bettering the living conditions of the locals and ensure that it takes immediate steps to implement them at the earliest.    


Man On Moon Mission

UNDETERRED by the setback it received on the soft-landing stage of the Chandrayaan-2 mission, ISRO chairman K Sivan on Saturday said that the country is moving ahead to meet its target of sending man to space by December 2021. So, India is moving ahead with the plans of sending man to the moon. If it is made possible, India would be rubbing elbows with the US to become the second country to have sent man to the moon successfully. China is expected to send man to the moon only by 2035.  However, space technology is complicated. All the leading countries in this area like the US, Russia, China, Europe, Japan and India must work together to make breakthroughs because individual effort has often proved to be inadequate to scale down the great height of space ambitions. Moreover, all prominent countries engaged in the space programme have either failed to make breakthroughs or succeeded in their all-out attempts to conquer any major mission. Hence, a world body formed from these leading countries’ scientists to look into the space travels and explorations on different planets must be set up to unravel the mysteries in the outer space.


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