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Crack Down On Double Parking

IT has been observed that vehicle drivers   resort to double parking due to paucity of parking spaces in cities. Double parking is illegal parking next to another vehicle that is properly parked in a parking space, and is a traffic violation punishable by law. Double parking   prevents drivers of vehicles properly parked from leaving the parking space. Double parking of a single vehicle could affect more than one vehicle parked in the parking slot. It would be acceptable if the driver of the vehicle resorting to double parking sits behind the steering wheel. The problem for other vehicles arises when the driver of the wrongly parked vehicle is nowhere around. These vehicle drivers have to wait till the driver of the wrongly parked vehicle arrives. Traffic cops need to be strict in cracking down on this violation. Clamping the wrongly parked car could lead to delay in removing the vehicle, affecting other drivers who could be in a hurry to attend to some urgent work. Such double-parked vehicles need to be towed away immediately by the traffic cops in order not to cause inconvenience to other vehicle drivers.


Ending Graft In Govt Recruitments

CHIEF Minister Pramod Sawant deserves a pat on the back for bringing in the Goa staff selection commission bill, 2019, which stipulates recruitments for Group ‘C’ posts through the commission.  Recruitments through the commission will not allow politicians to pull the strings for their favourite candidates, which has been the practice over the years. This malpractice has deprived the deserving candidates of their jobs, although they had talents, educational qualifications, work experience and knowledge of Konkani. Now, the establishment of the commission would put an end to this malpractice. It is expected that recruitments in government departments would be fair and transparent; merit would be the only criterion for candidate selection. The Chief Minister should monitor recruitments and see to it that only meritorious and deserving candidates are selected for manning the posts. This will be a real challenge for the state government: ensuring employment to deserving candidates and ending corruption in recruitments.


Streamline 108 Ambulance Service

THE 108 ambulance service has proved to be a lifesaver for many people in Goa. However, of late the service has started failing the sick. It has been complained that the equipment in the ambulance and service rendered by nurses have been becoming less appreciative.  At times the defibrillator or the oxygen cylinder in the vehicle does not function properly; or   sometimes the vehicle itself breaks down, as was the case recently in Chandor where a man passed away due to the alleged malfunctioning of the defibrillator. At times, there are no trained nurses to operate the equipment during the ‘golden hour’ of a patient. I request our Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and Health Minister Vishwajit Rane to turn around this ambulance service.


Pitching For Hindi As Lingua Franca

WHEN we passed SSC examinations over five decades ago we had the three-language formula. We had to compulsorily study the three languages – the state language, Hindi and English. No matter what the medium of instruction was, every student had to study these three languages. Even today in most of the states the three-language formula continues. For instance in our own state children learn English, Hindi and Konkani or Marathi. I would always vouch for this norm to continue, and if in some south Indian states this practice is altered as in Tamil Nadu where only Tamil and English are taught; this ‘anti-national’ practice should be questioned and withdrawn. The three-language formula helps us immensely keep connected regionally (local language), nationally (Hindi language) and internationally (English language). Union Home Minister Amit Shah, while speaking at a ceremony marking Hindi Day last Saturday, said that Hindi is the heart and soul of our freedom struggle. While pitching to make Hindi most-widely used language he conceded that Hindi is the language of coexistence but its growth will not hamper the progress of other languages. Although there is nothing controversial in his statement, it has ruffled many feathers in some parts of India. Hindi is the most commonly spoken language covering almost 44 per cent of the population, particularly in north India, and anything glorifying Hindi will be accepted cheerfully there. But in south India Hindi is sparingly used and almost all the political parties therein have expressed displeasure over Shah’s statement. People of Tamil Nadu have said that they would want to stick to the two-language formula – English and Tamil. It is felt that the Centre should come out with a uniform policy on school education on the three-language formula over the whole of India. Hindi is needed to keep us connected as one body to the roots of our culture. Even our national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Acharya Vinoba Bhave had pitched for Hindi as a language to establish a common national bond.


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