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Menace Of Illegal Hoardings

THE habit of politicians encouraging and putting up illegal hoardings/posters proliferates despite rules and even courts prohibiting the same! Desecration of private and public property and even sticking/pinning posters (trees not spared) and ugly hoardings, traffic lights not spared etc cluttering the area are ugly blocking the view and what little is left of the natural scenery. In Tamil Nadu recently, collapse of an illegal hoarding advertising an official’s son wedding caused the death of a girl! In Uttar Pradesh it is shocking to know that for forty years the state (namely public) was legally paying the Chief Ministers and MLA colleagues income tax dues. Last year it was reportedly around Rs 86 lakh and it has only sought to be stopped now after exposure in the media! The government hides vital information from the public, has diluted RTI and it appears they are generally above the laws that apply to you and me. They can park their vehicles in no parking areas and throw around their VIP weight with impunity. The PM has asked them to shun this arrogance but will not pass a law to ensure or implement it. Why should not politicians get to increase own salaries and perks at their own whims and fancies? Ex CM Chandrababu Naidu and CM Jaganmohan Reddy are reportedly using the State resources to fight their personal family feuds. Powerful ministers can do whatever they want imposing own will irrespective of environment protection laws, people’s legitimate objection and other rules! What about the citizen’s utter disregard for rules, basic civic sense and sounds of violence everywhere? Our Constitutional rights and democracy itself is being eroded and why does it not strike upon us that we are greatly to blame by our silence and own deeds of commission and omission!


Benefits That Fluency  In English Bring

THE idea of one nation one language (Hindi) will not find favour with many of the 29 states. English has given us an edge over China and other competing countries. Our doctors, scientists, engineers, economists and other professionals who go abroad for further study have no problems in imbibing what is taught because they know English, which is not the case with most other foreign nationals. Likewise we get preference in overseas jobs because of fluency in the English language. At home too, several hundred thousands of millennial are employed in call centres and other services because of proficiency in English. Like it or not, even poor parents want their wards to be educated in English-medium schools. Soon everyone in India will know English, and can be the link language.


Delhi’s Uphill Task To Control Pollution Level

THIS refers to the editorial “Odd-even blues” (The Pioneer, September 16). Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal believes the scheme will reduce the pollution levels though past experiments have proved to the contrary. But it is true that the government was able to decongest the roads to a large extent the first time the rule was introduced. Delhi’s air pollution has been a pain in the neck for residents and visitors alike in November. The national capital almost chokes and suffocates akin to a gas chamber. Delhi’s image took a massive beating when a WHO report in 2016 described the city as the “world’s most polluted city”. The Kejriwal government should take parallel and reasonable measures like ensuring certain clean fuel to the city and ordering closure of thermal emission plants like it did last time around. The second time “odd-even” rule was implemented, the people turned on the heat by buying additional cars so that they could use it on a daily basis thus negating the cardinal principle of the rule. Any shortcomings which hampered smooth transition of the plan last time must be worked upon. Importantly, Kejriwal is right when he declared his government would be in close touch with   Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh governments on “stubble burning”. Planting of trees, identification of 12 pollution hot spots in Delhi are also steps in the right direction. The bursting of crackers is an insurmountable challenge, and the CM has his task cut out. Kejriwal has claimed that the pollution levels in Delhi have come down by twenty five per cent over the last four years. Only a post-November study would vindicate his stand.

Ganapathi Bhat, Akola

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