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Potholes, Traffic Fines And Law

These days our local newspapers are filled with photos galore of potholes on roads in every nook and corner of Goa. The potholes come in all sizes and in some cases have led to accidents, seriously injuring people, especially two-wheeler riders, apart from the damage to their vehicles and the consequent medical expenses that one incurs. This sorry state should serve as an eye opener to the authorities to pull up their socks. However, instead of filling up the potholes and providing motorable and safe roads to the public, the buzz doing the rounds is that the government is busy concentrating on hiking the penalties for traffic violations and that too at exorbitant rates. On a parallel basis, is there no law that the commuters can impose on and collect fines from PWD, RTO and/or concerned authorities for providing dangerous and deathtrap-laden roads in spite of collecting taxes from the commuters? Will someone elucidate? The law as it stands is a one-sided crazy old law.


Preparing Students For Competitive Examinations

Educators in Goa need to wake up. Whenever there is a national competitive examination or a state-level competitive examination like an accountancy examination or Goa Public Service Commission (GPSC) examination, our students fail miserably. It is a matter of shame for us educators that we are unable to prepare our students for the future. There is absolutely nothing lacking for the educators in Goa. We are getting the 7th pay commission, which in itself should have been the motivating factor to prepare our students for the national-level and state-level examinations. School-level competitions are the minimum to shake the grey matter of our students. General knowledge should be introduced at the grassroots level so that interest is elicited as the students grow up. Reading books of quality and reading of newspapers to understand current affairs should be encouraged to improve their knowledge of the happenings around the world. Regular quizzes should be held to generate interest in the students. The educators should plan external lectures from well-known personalities.  A small note to the government: educators should be penalised if the results in the schools and colleges are not satisfactory. Educator should be held responsible for the poor performance of students in his/her subject and explanation sought on the necessary action he/she will take to improve performance of the students. If the poor performance continues, increment of the particular educator should be withheld.

                                USHA G, VASCO

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