Tuesday , 12 November 2019
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Implement Amended Traffic Rules Carefully

Whilst welcoming the many positive aspects, the sudden implementation of heavy fines and penalties on the citizens is unfair because the infrastructure does not help even the law-abiding harassed citizens, who are going through a tough financial situation due to the economic slowdown, loss of jobs and other problems, comply with the rules. The government is aware of the road conditions and the havoc played by monsoon. There cannot be only a ‘one-way traffic’: Only penalising a citizen for traffic violations will not do. The government authorities should also be held accountable for their negligence and poor administration. For example, detailed guidelines provide the framework for installation and maintenance of speed breakers but the rules are not followed. Signages and even markings like stop line, zebra crossing and so on at traffic lights are absent at many places. The district magistrate can ask for a report from the public works department (PWD), fix responsibility and recommend disciplinary action, but this is not done. Many pollution under control (PUC) stations have shut down and few people are aware of a convenient alternative station close to their residence to do the needful. I must congratulate the Goa government and especially the Chief Minister for sensibly giving time to all to study, do the needful and only then implement the law strictly.


Cover Up Open Drain Near School

An appeal was made to the public works department (PWD), asking it to cover up an open drain near St Joseph’s High School at Arpora. I received a reply from the PWD stating that the open drain existed in a private property. The reply was shocking; it was indeed an irresponsible response from the government. If it was the duty of the education development, then accordingly a memorandum should have been referred to that department. Village panchayat felt that drainage was a matter to be taken up by the PWD, while the PWD suggested that the drain belonged to a private party and accordingly asked me to contact the school authority. Every government office is meant for public works. The authorities cannot pass the buck in this manner. Moreover, the open drain near the school could risk the health of the students. The playground area was acquired by the government, which spent Rs 26 lakh to fill it. So how can the drainage be said to be in a private property?


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