Thursday , 27 February 2020
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Students Ditch Engineering

THIS is with reference to the news report ‘No takers for 548 seats in state engineering colleges’ ( NT, August 21, 2019). Engineering colleges  have been mushrooming in the country as well as happily increasing the number of seats over the years and churning out around 8 lakh  engineers in a year, despite the alarming rate of unemployment in the country. According to the All India Council for Technical Education,  about 60 per cent of these engineers are jobless. In Goa, the situation is no better with 548  seats in the five  degree engineering colleges lying  vacant, as there are no takers. A similar situation prevailed last year and the year before, but on a smaller scale. While there is no reason to believe that the increase this year is  due to the 25 per cent  hike in seats for the economically weaker sections, it is the high rate of unemployment in the country and high fees charged that have dissuaded parents and  made them lose interest in the engineering profession. No engineering college can afford to keep these seats vacant, fearing closure. Besides, every seat is a golden egg for the institution. The admission criteria is therefore lowered to an abysmal level of 45 per cent to accommodate students who have failed to get admitted through the proper channel  on the  basis of their percentage at the Common Entrance Test. Whether such students  are able to cope with their studies matters little and a secondary matter.


Victim Of Vendetta Politics

THE arrest of senior politician and former Union home minister P Chidambaram is purely an act of political vendetta. Central investigating agencies are being misused  to target political opponents. With the economy in doldrums and widespread discontent on unemployment, the central government is resorting to vendetta to hide its failures. If the central government is serious about corruption then why doesn’t it probe BJP leaders, some of whom have recently joined it?


An Indifferent Administration

IT has been reported that an Italian court this month ordered a star architect to pay Venice Euros 78,000 for his faulty bridge designs, which brought about unforeseen maintenance and wrong estimation of guarantee. Contrast this with the hefty fees paid to our consultants and contractors for their buildings, bridges and roads which start coming apart no sooner people start using them. And nobody is held is accountable! Our MLAs and government servants are supposed to serve and not rule us. There is large-scale systemic corruption, and complaints go unanswered or lethargically attended to after being pursued. The matters brought to the notice of municipalities and panchayats go nowhere. What is the use of providing mobile phones to government officials if they are not open to receive and act upon complaints from citizens?


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