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Improve The Lot Of Transgenders

IT has been reported that just 22 transgenders applied for undergraduate courses in thee universities in Delhi – Delhi University, Jamia University and Ambedkar University – indicating that much needs to be done to mainstreaming the transgenders. The Union government should constitute a national transgender commission. Unrestricted admission to any educational institution (private or public) for free education to transgenders must be made compulsory without needing any reserved quota. The government should be duty-bound to make transgenders join mainstream: parents of newborn transgenders should not be allowed to abandon their transgender children or to hand them over to eunuchs, who force them into begging, dancing and anti-social activities. Criminal action should be taken against those parents who may disown transgender children. Eunuchs forcing the parents to part away with transgender children should be arrested and jailed. Nothing can improve till effective measures are taken to make eunuchs stop dancing and begging. It is to be noted that even some men posing as eunuchs extort money from people. It is indeed pity that even respectable families disown their own eunuch children. Not only eunuchs should be given priority for reservation in government jobs, but private firms should be encouraged to give employment opportunities to eunuchs. To attain this, the government should provide special subsidy on wages paid to eunuchs by private establishments. Seats should be reserved for eunuchs in legislature and in public sector jobs.


Give Ghumot Its Due

THE government has proposed a state anthem in Konkani which Goans could call their own. The anthem, which has been proposed to be launched on the Liberation Day, December 19, will give a quintessential flavour of the Goan soil. This is a most welcome step. The government has also proposed to have a unique souvenir which will reflect the culture of the state and will be presented as a gift to guests at state-level functions. Goa does not have a common souvenir like other states have. An ideal souvenir for the state would be a miniature replica of the ‘ghumot’. The ‘ghumot’ has its origin in Goa and has become a symbol of Goan identity across the globe. The musical instrument depicts the love for music among Goans and is a symbol of Goan unity as it is used by various sections of people. The ‘ghumot’ has become synonymous with Goan culture and has been revived in recent times. If possible the miniature replica of the ‘ghumot’ could be made of clay and have a covering of leather which will make it possible to make a musical sound when played with the fingers.


An Indifferent Administration

IT has been reported that an Italian court this month ordered a star architect to pay Venice Euros 78,000 for his faulty bridge designs, which brought about unforseen maintenance and wrong estimation of guarantee. Contrast this with the hefty fees paid to our consultants and contractors for their buildings, bridges and roads which start coming apart no sooner people start using them. And nobody is held is accountable! Our MLAs and government servants are supposed to serve and not rule us. There is large-scale systemic corruption, and complaints go unanswered or lethargically attended to after being pursued. The matters brought to the notice of municipalities and panchayats go nowhere. What is the use of providing mobile phones to government officials if they are not open to receive and act upon complaints from citizens?



RAVI Shastri has got another term as head coach of the Indian cricket team. Kapil Dev, Anshuman Gaekwad, and Shantha Rangaswamy,   all old-timers, seemed to have had very little say. Shastri’s ‘record’ as a coach and his proximity with the Indian players, and most importantly Captain Virat Kohli, won the day for him. Although Kapil Dev was all pains in explaining that the Indian captain was not consulted,   other contenders like Mike Hesson and Tom Moody, who has been a ‘serial applicant’, would have had a serious look-in.  These men with ability fell by the wayside due to the ‘Shastri storm’.  Others like Lalchand Rajput and Robin Singh must have entered and exited the interview room after having a cup of tea with the CAC members. Since Kohli would have nobody other than the easygoing and jovial Shastri, a legend like Kapil Dev was made to look like a lame-duck at the press conference.  A very sad commentary on one of the greatest cricketers India has produced.  The present Indian team is packed with talent. Shastri has had no significant role in moulding the team. Every youngster in the team knows well he is playing for the country.  The competition for a place is tough. This aspect brings out the best in every player.  The middle order batting woes cost India the World Cup. Shastri did not appear too interested to solve the problem. The players and the captain’s favourite apparently possess the knack of admixing rules with relaxation which can “please” a player.  A senior player flouting rules to take his wife along – well beyond the stipulated period of stay – in England during the World Cup says it all. Perhaps there is no place for hard taskmasters who are definite go-getters in the present Indian team management. The CAC cited international experience, track record and vision of Shastri to retain him. Well, if that is the case, then equals should be “invited” for the interview because many past greats are loathe to apply.

Ravi Shastri Wins The Day

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