Saturday , 18 January 2020
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Amendment To Change of
Name Act A Right Move

The passing of the amendment to the Goa Change of Name and Surname Act by the legislature was the need of the day. We have heard people saying that in Goa you can get anything, anytime for a price – second ration card, second voters card, residence certificate, NOC etc. As it is, Konkani is the easiest language and non-Goans learn it quickly. Perhaps the last frontier to be crossed to be considered as a Goan was adopting a Goan name, which was also happening with impunity and ease. It is not difficult to see that this was happening in order to avail of the benefits lawfully admissible to Goans in Goa under different schemes including plots to landless persons. Who knows at this rate one could have even claimed eventually, the benefit admissible to Goans under the Portuguese Civil Procedure Code in respect of assets and income. However, the success of the new law will depend on its effective implementation with all seriousness and responsibility. The authorities should come down heavily not only on the violators but also on the conspirators and facilitators. Enough is enough. We would not like to bear anymore the ignominy of hearing someone say that in Goa you can get anything anytime for a price.


Celebrating Left-handers

This is with reference to the article ‘Celebrating lefties’ (NT Buzz, August 14). Kudos to the founders of the ‘Big Foot’ museum at Loutolim for their unique and untiring zeal in putting up a collage of over 3,000 hand prints of left-handers from different parts of the world. It is interesting to know that around 10 per cent of the world’s  population comprises left-handers. However, it is still not known what constitutes left-handedness, although scientists are now convinced that it originates not in the brain but due to asymmetrical activity of genes in the spinal cord of the baby in the womb. Secondly, there is no such thing as stigma associated with left-handedness, although in earlier days it was labelled as something evil. Some of the best brains have been lefties and it is not surprising to note that six of the 12 earlier Presidents of America were lefties. Several of the myths associated with lefties have also been dispelled by scientists even as they have still to ascertain what exactly constitutes left-handed preference.


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