Thursday , 24 October 2019
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Repair Vasco Roads On Priority

Vasco recently celebrated its traditional 120th Saptah festival, one of the most popular festivals in Goa. However, it’s surprising that inspite of the rainy season and the said festival, the authorities in Vasco have not been concerned about the road situation in the city. The roads that lead to the main town, especially the F L Gomes Road, the busiest road with buses and many vehicles using the road, are almost neglected. Just a month back, the port town was facing problems of trees getting uprooted on the Swatantra Path Road with even a life lost due to electrocution. There are big potholes on the roads and these potholes are not even filled. The road opposite the SBI is also in a bad condition. Also, the road connecting to Mangor Hill from Hiralal and Company is in a bad condition. The authorities don’t seem to be concerned about the lives of people. After the elections, the MLAs seem to almost disappear for five years and come back only for votes. As regards to the traffic management, all police personnel are concentrated in the town areas and nobody is usually there to mend the traffic flow in Mangor Hill and the Varunapuri road where traffic jams occur, as local buses stop every ten metres to pick up passengers. Cars and taxis are parked on both sides of the Gurudwara road connecting the Varunapuri road where there is also a school located. It is important to place traffic police personnel in this area, especially at the Varunapuri junction. Hope the concerned authorities and the local MLA look into the matter and take appropriate action.


Curbing Road Accidents In Sanvordem

The town of Sanvordem has been witnessing a number of road accidents, of late. These accidents take place due to a number of factors like bad roads, poor road lighting, absence of safety gear among the road users and lack of traffic education among youth. The concerned authorities like the traffic cell should plan the traffic management so as to improve the flow of traffic through the town. There is also a need for the school children to be made aware of the traffic rules and discipline. Roads should not only be repaired on priority but also widened wherever necessary and proper and sufficient lighting should also be provided. If all these steps are taken, they could very well lead to a decrease in the number of road accidents occurring in the town. I hope the concerned authorities will look into the matter and take swift action.


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