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Politics Of Favouritism In Relief

Is the BJP indulging in politics of favouritism, partisanship even while distributing funds to flood-affected states? The answer seems to be in the affirmative going by the BJP’s recent approach to the flood-affected states. Last year the Centre released Rs 3,000 crore as relief package to Kerala, which witnessed Rs 10,000 crore losses due to floods, whereas Utter Pradesh  where there were no floods, was given Rs 200 crore  last year as flood related funds while Assam got justRs 250 crore even though  it is affected by floods year after year. Presently, nine states of the country-Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat and Punjab are under the grip of heavy and consistent rainfall and are affected by floods. Kerala and Karnataka are facing the grim situation and death toll in Kerala alone stood at 76 as on August 12, 2019. What compounds the grief of the Keralites is that Union Home Minster Amit Shah had carried out an aerial survey in Karnataka and in Maharashtra on Sunday leaving out Kerala where casualties due to flood were severe. Yet, all is not lost. Rahul Gandhi had just flown in from Delhi and is now camping in Wayanad and coordinating relief operations. If Union Home Minister carried out aerial survey in the neighbouring Karnataka, he should have visited the most flood-hit Kerala too.


Exposed Junction Boxes In Margao

Exposed transformers and junction-boxes prove dangerous for the lives of innocent pedestrians proceeding along the concerned routes. However the same remain neglected on most occasions and the maintenance section of the electricity department seldom initiate prompt favourable action in public interest. As on Sunday August 11, junction boxes at various locations in Margao were noticed in an exposed condition. Some along the Abade Faria road as also two of them adjacent to Communidade building and one near Joalharia Central near New market include the list. Similar instance was noticed adjacent to Kamat Hotel and another near Figueiredo House, both at old market. Even near stadium at Fatorda, one junction-box was noticed in exposed condition. Above risky situation turns detrimental for the lives of pedestrians proceeding along the respective locations. In case pedestrians, especially children come in contact with the live electrical wires, they are likely to receive a electric shock thereby leading to disastrous consequences. The higher officials at the electricity department in Margao should take a note of above serious matter and arrange provision of a cover for the exposed junction boxes situated at different locations so that public at large are assured safety on a permanent basis.


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