Saturday , 16 November 2019
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Roads Cannot Take Any More Load

It refers to media-reports that central government is not inclined to cut GST-rate in cars despite being worried about steep fall in car-demand leading to shutting down of many car-showrooms and decreasing production of cars by manufacturers. Evidently any cut in GST-rate for cars will open flood-gate for such demands on other commodities.  Central government should even not think of any other way out to bail out car-industry from crisis of demand-cut like asking banks for easy lending to car-sector. Any such step will be disastrous creating more Non-Performing-Assets NPAs in time to come because demand-increase for cars cannot be there with overall heavy loss of turn-over in all trade-activities.  Instead dealers and manufacturers of cars should better switch over to other industries and trade like manufacturers of tobacco-products did anticipating ban on such products any time in future.  Decreasing car-sales should rather be taken as blessing in disguise because of roads and parking-sites being already heavily over-burdened. Instead central government should impose cess on big and luxury cars so that cars with ex-factory price of say rupees ten lakhs and above may have double taxation than for cars with ex-factory price lower than rupees ten lakhs to discourage production of big cars occupying more space on roads and parking-sites.


Exposed Chamber In Margao

A chamber along the pavement adjacent to Kamat hotel (near municipal garden) at New Market in Margao has been noticed in an exposed condition for quite long now. The situation turns dangerous for innocent pedestrians walking their way along this strategic location on regular basis. Besides, many commuters await here for buses in order to proceed towards Navelim, Cuncolim, Fatorpa, Chinchinim, Betul and the adjoining areas. They are likely to collapse inside this exposed chamber thereby risking their  lives. The situation turns more dangerous during the night due to poor visibility at this spot. Senior citizens would be the worst sufferers.  On Sunday,  at 11.00 am, branches of a tree were seen placed inside this chamber. It is absolutely necessary that safety is assured to pedestrians and commuters on a priority basis. I sincerely request the concerned competent authorities to take a note of this matter and provide a suitable cover to this particular chamber so that public at large are assured the much needed relief on a permanent basis. Prompt positive action in this regard would indeed be appreciated.

Pravin U Sardessai, Adpai

Tap Domestic Tourist Market

With the deteriorating tourism scenario in the state, it has become essential that the government envisages better methods to entice tourists. As the most favoured global destination, so far the thrust was more on attracting foreign guests to the state. However, tourism promotional trips by delegations to foreign countries in recent times have been unfruitful and hence unjustified and a total waste of public money. Although their numbers have dwindled, an appreciable number of charter tourists and individual foreign travelers continue to arrive in Goa. Yet, considering that a major percentage of tourist footfalls in the state is from within the country, it becomes pertinent that Goa taps the domestic tourist market more extensively. But for this to happen a proper infrastructure needs to be in place. Moreover Goa has not been adding value to its tourist assets. On the contrary they lie in total shambles with complete neglect characterizing the department’s approach towards general maintenance. It thus becomes essential that the tourism department along with the GTDC and the stakeholders join hands to evolve better plans to rejuvenate tourism in the state and justify Goa’s stature as one of the prime tourist destinations in the world. Tourist places across the world have exploited their natural attributes to enhance tourism. Where nations with large water bodies and beaches have developed watersports as a major tourist attraction; deserts and jungles have given scope for safaris to become important draws in other countries. On the other hand some nations have banked upon their fame as ‘gambling paradises’ to entice visitors to their lands. Goa in this sense is blessed with a rich topography that has forests and several beaches which if developed well could boost tourist arrivals, besides the opulent array of churches and temples. The casino industry in Goa which started off as a thorn in the government’s side with activists hollering over its insensitiveness towards the uniqueness of the land and its inhabitants continues to attract severe censure from critics.

However, besides being seen as an avenue to advance employment opportunities for Goans; as tourist attractions the offshore and onshore casinos have together become a major revenue churner for the state. Pretentious concerns for the locals notwithstanding, the government has already decided to stay on with the necessary vice.


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