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Promoting Online Documentation In Parliament

It is welcome to know that the Speaker of Lok Sabha has provided an option of online papers to be delivered to the members in lieu of physical copies from the next session onwards. The decision taken during the Zero Hour is a highly appreciable gesture especially towards ensuring paper-free environment and encouraging seamless flow of information. The decision to go paper-free is yet made optional but the same needs to be carried out as a mandatory measure. As most of the members have access to emails and technology, it is high time both, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha adopted a paper-free office environment and implemented the same to ensure seamless communication. Lok Sabha Secretariat may also adopt the best practices to encourage paper-free environment, from the other parliamentary bodies like the European Union, the United Nations Secretariat and the UN General Assembly which follow a robust paper-free documentation system. Further, an effort should be made by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs to provide the details of private member bills, bills amended and tabled through a news website regularly. An extensive effort is highly necessary now to reach out to public to disseminate parliamentary proceedings of regular updates through news portals and leading newspapers.


Kohli, Rohit Must Resolve Differences

A wholesome competition for a place in the team can push a player to staggering heights. The Indian cricket team is not known for internal squabbles nowadays. It is quite some time we heard about wrangles in the team. Rumours of strife were few and far between in the last few decades. Legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman and Anil Kumble took sufficient care to “be united”. To put it another way, they did not allow the chinks in the team’s armour to show. The present Indian team is blessed by exceptionally talented players. However, cricket buffs are unhappy about the rumours that all is not well in the Indian dressing room. The differences between skipper Virat Kohli and top batsman Rohit Sharma is making headlines. The grapevine has it that Rohit Sharma unfollowing both, Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma on a social website, and the latter doing the same, speaks a lot about the “differences”. The theory of “split captainship” doing the rounds is said to be one reason why Kohli and Sharma are sore with each other.  Many teams have separate captains for the three cricket formats -Tests, ODIs and T20. A country like England has all together different squads for the longer and shorter formats. That Sharma’s wife Ritika overstayed in England, defying the team management rules, was also a talking point. Whether or not the stories were calculatedly planted by vested interests to create unwanted wedge among the top two players is unknown. There cannot be smoke without fire. Both players should sit together to sort out the matter, if any. Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have cricketing world at their feet. They should not allow petty matters to affect their form and friendship. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.


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