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Repairs of Goa’s Potholed Roads

With reference to the news report ‘All Goa roads to be cleared of potholes’ (NT June 30), I would like to comment as follows: The term ‘pothole’ is too innocuous a word to describe the pathetic state of roads in Goa today, which are in a dilapidated condition, riddled by potholes and large craters that pose a great danger to motorists and two-wheeler riders. Come monsoon and the craters get filled with rainwater which prove even more dangerous. Minor works like filling up potholes are usually carried out departmentally by the PWD before the monsoon and do not require outside agencies or sophisticated machinery. We would not have faced such misery today had the PWD been a little more vigilant with the contractors engaged with pipe and cable laying works who left the dug-up roads unrepaired and in a battered state. It is the responsibility of the PWD to ensure that all the dug-up roads are restored to their original condition after the completion of works. Unfortunately, this is not the practice in Goa for which we are now paying a heavy price. Finally, as per the latest directive, repair work of all roads will be taken up by the year-end. The question, therefore, is do we have to wait so long to witness more road accidents and deaths, which are reportedly on the rise?

A F Nazareth, Alto Porvorim

Cow As Mascot Of Goan Football

The video of the incredible skills of a cow with a football which went viral on the internet rightly characterises the love Goans have for this beautiful game. The cow showed impeccable skills of ball control, possession of the ball and attacking the ball when taken away from it. At no point of time was the cow attacking the boys but was only trying to gain possession of the football. It was totally focused on the ball. It showed never-say-die spirit as it ran for the ball, tracked every pass the boys made and took possession of it. All these are qualities of a good football player. There is every possibility that the cow has in the past been watching the boys play football and how the players would run for the ball. This would have inspired the bovine to take possession of the ball and not let it go. Be that as it may, the video is a great  source of entertainment and needs to be played every time an international match is shown on the giant screen, as the cow portrays the true spirit of Goan football. A cow could well be made the mascot of Goan football and could even replace the Gaur of FC Goa.


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