Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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Children Dying Of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome

The number of children dying of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) in Bihar has crossed  100 and rising with each passing day. The state government appears to be clueless on how to prevent deaths from this dreaded disease. The state government has also miserably failed to provide proper medical treatment to those children affected by the disease. Little children are dying and many are also suffering permanent brain damage. However precious little is being done to save lives which has exposed the apathy and neglect and the inability of the government to deal with such epidemics. However the worst part is that Bihar has seen such deaths occur year after year with Muzaffarpur being the epicenter. However all these years the government has not been able to find the root cause for the spread of the disease.  It has failed to save the lives of people. The central government needs to work in tandem with the state government to prevent deaths of innocent children and to mitigate their suffering. It may be necessary take the guidance of an international body like the World Health Organization.


Yoga, A Precious Gift To Mankind

Yoga, being a precious gift to mankind from the rishis of ancient India, should make every Indian proud, that millions across the globe, cutting across religious lines will be practicing it in unison, on World Yoga Day –June 21. Although the word ‘Yoga’ essentially means  yoking or unification with the supreme being, the type of yoga practised today transcends all religions and no longer in its pristine form to make it exclusive to any religion or for that matter Hinduism, despite its Hindu roots. On the other hand dissociating Yoga from its spiritual and meditative form will  merely reduce it to a set of physical exercises,  bereft of the benefits of mind-body relaxation and peace, which Yoga usually provides. On World Yoga Day it is therefore hoped that the great service Yoga is doing worldwide, will not only unite the people but also transform the world into a peace loving people, free of hatred and violence.

A F Nazareth, Alto Porvorim

Pension Scheme To Help Farmers

In his customary address (a gist of the Modi governments past and future written by them) after the formation of the 17th Lok Sabha, the President Ramnath Kovind said that government has started a pension scheme to help farmers and small traders live a life of dignity. If so then what’s wrong with the thousands Employees Provident Fund work force, those are drawing minimum Rs 920 to maximum Rs 1,500 pension as fix, without any change from the beginning of the scheme? Wants to know from the Honourable President, that do they have no right to live a life of dignity? Sufferer wants answer from the government.

Bidyut K Chatterjee, Faridabad

A Nation With Diversity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to set up a panel to study the feasibility and give suggestions on the idea of ‘One Nation, One election’. Though Prime Minister made it clear that it was not an agenda of a single party but an issue of national importance, almost half of the political parties boycotted the meeting. This sends a warning signal that Modi government should not further precede with the proposal. Delving deep into the merits and demerits of the issue, one can finally arrive at a conclusion that ‘One nation and One election’ idea is fundamentally anti-federal, anti-democratic and strikes at the root of the parliamentary system as ordained in the Constitution. The government is not clear on this issue and hence it is to be doubted whether there is any malafide intention in mooting this idea. Also, it is to be doubted whether the whole exercise is to bring ‘Presidential form of government through the backdoor.’ However, the panel will study the feasibility and give suggestions on this idea of ‘One nation, One election.’ The fact that major opposition parties stayed away from attending the meeting shows that the idea is impossible to come through and it is like an attempt to boil the ocean. Anyway, the whole nation should accept and approve the proposal because India is a vast diverse country having different complexities which require the regional attentions. So, the idea ‘One nation, One election’ though appealing to everyone superficially, it has its own inherent limitations when applied or implemented in this vast nation.


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