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Don’t Make Mockery Of Religious Festivals
Festivals in the Hindu religion usually follow one after the other after ‘Vata-Pournima’. Greetings and messages giving information on festivals, so also messages making mockery of the festivals are posted on social media on these occasions. There is ‘Dharma-shaastra’ for celebrating every Hindu festival and our sages and seers have written down, hundreds of years ago, such knowledge in detail about ways of celebrating festivals. Changes taking place in the universe as per the times and true stories mentioned in the Holy Scriptures is the base for celebrating such religious and other festivals. Every object in this world is a form of God and all animate and inanimate objects also have God’s presence in them; therefore, we are taught to pay respect to everything through the medium of these festivals. Banyan tree i.e. a tree is worshipped on the day of ‘Vata-Pournima’. Serpent is worshipped on the day of ‘Nag-Panchami’, while bulls are worshipped on the occasion of ‘Pola’ festival. All weapons and objects used during the year are worshipped on the day of ‘Dussehra’. Food is offered to crows during ‘Pitru-paksha’ as if feeding our departed ancestors. Thus, festivals celebrated in Hindu religion, teaching us to worship animate and inanimate things, are a speciality of the religion. The present generation, under the influence of Western culture, however, does not hesitate in making a mockery of these festivals or forwarding such messages. Those, who have respect for our festivals, should explain to such people the importance of these festivals rather than simply forwarding such messages or posts on social media.
Mokshada Ghanekar, Mumbai

Delivering Justice Equally To All
Misuse of public funds is a big malaise in our country. There is hardly any transparency and accountability, especially where the government and VIPs are concerned. We need to raise our standards, as we are learning many good things with Israeli help and cooperation. It is reported that Israel Prime Minister’s wife Sara Netanyahu was charged in June 2018 with fraud and breach of trust for buying catered meals despite the presence of a cook at the Prime Minister’s official residence. The amended indictment dropped the graft charges under a plea bargain and she was ordered by a magistrate’s court to pay a fine and compensation! In New India, can we hope to see such delivery of justice where be you so high or low, justice is the same for all?
John Eric Gomes, Porvorim

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