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Let Us Maintain Goa’s Green Cover

June 17 is observed as the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. Like in the rest of the world, India is in the pangs of drought, especially in the landlocked north and central areas. Also, till date, we have received 43 per cent less rainfall during this year’s monsoon. In the light of such occurrences we have to do everything to prevent desertification and drought by controlling emission of greenhouse gases, which are trapping heat in the atmosphere, and higher temperatures, which were widespread in India recently, especially in landlocked north India. In Goa too, although we are a coastal state, we have to be vigilant about emission of greenhouse gases due to the use of too much fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel with a large increase in the number of vehicles. Last year, if we recall, rainfall during the entire monsoon season was only 100 inches compared to an average of 115 inches, which is the normal rainfall in Goa. It is necessary, therefore, to see that increase in vehicular traffic and deforestation do not lead to Goa becoming a drought-hit area and it is in this direction that we have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation by maintaining our green cover. Trees aid cooling and provide cleaner air and more rainfall.

Elvidio Miranda, Panaji

Ban on Mannequin Display Right Move By Mumbai Civic Body

It is quite laudable that the Mumbai Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) has taken a decision to impose a ban on display of mannequins outside shops or on roads by dressing them in underclothes. This decision should be promptly and strictly implemented. There has been a huge increase in such display of mannequins outside shops since the last few years. One lady municipal corporator had raised objection to it in the year 2013 when manufacturers and sellers of underclothes had tried to suppress her voice saying there was nothing objectionable in the same. However, the MCGM has now decided, though late, to impose such a ban thus giving relief to all women. Parents find it quite awkward keeping their small children away from such mannequins kept outside shops when they go for shopping. Women feel embarrassed while some men, with lewd tastes, look at such mannequins from a different angle. Till few years back, sale of underclothes was taking place in shops though such mannequins were hardly seen even inside shops. Is there a need for such hideous display?

Jagan Ghanekar, Mumbai   

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