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Waste Segregation Vital

THIS is what a resident feels on waste management in Margao. The problem afflicting waste management system in Margao is of lesser awareness on segregation. There is everything else done on garbage management than creating awareness at ground level which is most important. The municipality needs to organise awareness programmes at the ward level to explain to people how to segregate the waste. Best way could be by making municipal councillors create awareness on importance of segregation. Further, the MMC has to adopt a decentralised approach towards composting wet waste at ward level itself instead of transporting all the waste to Sonsoddo. This would also be cost-effective. And, lastly, the municipality has to make available a list of individuals/ agencies that recycle waste so that recyclable waste can be directly given to them rather than it coming into municipal waste. This will also reduce the garbage-handling load of the municipality. 


The Legend Braz Gonsalves

THERE is perhaps no better person to write a critique of the recently held concert on the life of Braz Gonsalves (put up by the Communicare Trust) than me. I am one of the few who is very close to Braz and have followed his uphill journey from a mundane, world-famous saxophonist, until he became a man of God after, a freak accident at the height of his career, in the freezing European winter, led him to commit himself totally to God. He, mysteriously, saw it unfolding before his eyes, the contours of an eagle, which he soon came to realise (almost like a Paul of Tarsus) it was the Holy Spirit prompting him… to a holy life. First of all, the entire musical was a long-drawn affair. I found the play depiction of Braz’s life rather crude and would not stand the high Mumbai or international standards! So many details, where Chic Chocolate took a fancy for Braz, and Braz in turn for Yvonne, Chic’s daughter, did not carry enough impact. Chic himself, who was a veteran, appeared to pale as a junior in comparison to a soaring Braz. Jarryd Rodrigues and Jason Quadros shone in every department. Lester Godinho looked added glow to the drums. Among the singers, Maria Meirelles, Sharon Rodrigues and especially Yvonne, sang so well that they added punch to the power of their robust, yet flexible voices. Towards the end of the show, Braz was expected to mesmerise the audiences. But, tremulous and struggling to gain back the acrobatics of yesteryear, he was a pale shadow of his old days though in-between we were regaled with flashes of his former brilliance. While Louis Banks and Carl Peters, strong in their departments roared like lions and played with wizardry, aplomb and the expected punch, the extravaganza came to an end with half of the audience having left the capacious Ravindra Bhavan main hall after a marathon session. All in all, a worthwhile endeavour, which we may never be able to witness again.


SWR Needs To Be Sensitive

ADANI has secured his dream of coal extraction in Australia. He has won the necessary permission and got the green signal from the government. He has won the battle. But has he won the war? Some activists continue fighting against the Adani project. I am reminded of late chief minister Manohar Parrikar’s words on this issue: someone makes a decision somewhere else and we have to follow it? He was referring to decisions which impact Goa tremendously and which are not ours! The South Western Railway unfortunately continues to shunt coal-laden bogies at all times of day and night causing immense damage to heritage houses not far from the tracks. What can we do to bring the SW Railway to their senses? Aside from the din which keeps people in the neighbourhood awake at night, it is barbaric behaviour which would not be acceptable nor tolerated in a civilised country in the West. The villages of Cansaulim and Velsao have very old Indo-Portuguese houses near or along the tracks. These heritage houses are undergoing tremendous damage due to shunting of the coal-laden bogies. The cost of maintenance and repair work is not at all cheap. Often, the labourers who knew the old building techniques are no longer alive. The houses have arches above the door which are showing cracks. We have to rely on people who don’t really know how it was done originally. With the destructive behaviour of MPT and SW Railway, the houses could be beyond repair after five to ten years. Do we have to remind the railways and port trust that the heritage houses are irreplaceable and priceless? Can’t the SW Railway find a better place along the long railway route to shunt trains than in front or near old Goan houses in Cansaulim and Velsao?


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