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Modi’s Landmark Majority Win

As expected the results of the General Elections 2019 has given a clear mandate to NDA and to the incumbent BJP led Narendra Modi. The outburst during the exit polls and opinion surveys as claimed by several analysts has now led to believe that such an exercise of post poll survey is a genuine factor for NDA’s win. However it should be noted that such a landmark majority win for a second successive time in a general election by a majority by a leading party has had its several reasons for its victory apart from exit polls survey.  Unlike the last time the successive elected party should now waste not much time in pomp and splendor at the cost of a common voter and should now hold on to its victory bugle for a while. The NDA should now be quick to formulate post poll alliance strategy and wisely inch closer to forming a government in a quick succession. No doubt forming a government for yet another time is a mammoth exercises amidst victory drum beats, but the common man is left at the mercy of new government to listen to his everyday woes.  The issues have been long pending since the announcement of election dates in the guise of enforcement of model code of conduct and inaction by government machinery to act on urgent issues citing elections as a frivolous reason to keep the work pending.

Varun Dambal,  Bangalore

No More Five-Star Hotels For New MPs

It refers to welcome news about Lok Sabha secretariat doing away with five-star transit-stay in hotels for newly elected Lok Sabha members who are not members of previous Lok Sabha thereby saving pubic-money of about rupees 35 crore. Earlier many newly elected members including appointed ministers misused the facility of transit-stay at five-starred hotels by not vacating even after allocation of regular government-accommodation. Now transit-stay will be done at luxuriously maintained state guest-houses and newly developed annexe at Western Court complex at New Delhi. It is noteworthy that the then Union Home Minister Indrajit Gupta used Western Court accommodation even holding the ministerial-post.  But same should be system for others given luxury of stay at five-starred hotels at publicist like by public-sector-undertakings which hold conferences even at hill-resorts only to provide such luxury to its staffers. Even Padma-awardees presently stayed at Ashoka Hotel (New Delhi) should be accommodated at newly developed annexe of Western Court and state guest-houses in Delhi at government-expense.


Kudos To Modi And Shah

As the nation waits with bated breath for the counting to be over, the NDA has come out victorious for staking claim for the new government. As the exit polls predicted, the NDA has got absolute majority to stake claim for government and full credit must go to Narendra Modi and his company. It is the will of the God that Modi should come for the second term to take up the reins of the country. And what was the incident that turned the tide in favour of Modi? Undoubtedly, it was the Pulwama terror attack and its subsequent retaliatory action against Pakistan that made the people rally behind Modi. All the gimmicks and poll promises made by Congress and its allies fell-flat and some of the allies received a fatal bow.  The greatest casualty in the Indian politics is the Waterloo of the Communist party. Its good presence in Kerala, West Bengal, Tripura and elsewhere seemed to have disappeared and dejected its leaders culminating in an unprecedented drubbing. And in West Bengal too, Mamata’s TMC could not put up a good show as per her pep talk as her strong bastions fell one by one silencing her for the time being. In Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu a national figure bit the dust and his party TDP completely wiped out from Andhra. Some of the regional parties also received the drubbing. Coming back to the impressive win, the BJP has fairly captured a good number of seats to rule the country, and it performed well in the north except in Punjab and elsewhere in the country too BJP has been able to garner as many seats as it could. The notable win posted by the BJP was in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Assam and Delhi.  Anyway, Kudos to Modi and Shah whose tireless work round the clock to come back to power is praiseworthy. Now, people have given the mandate, and it is upto them to rule the country well to wipe the tears of the farmers and other workers. Modi should not forget the trust people reposed in him and he has to rise to their aspirations.


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