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Put Traffic Signals On Track

IN the last few years, there  has been a phenomenal rise in vehicular population  in Goa, forcing the government to widen the roads  or lay new ones.But traffic signals have not been installed at crucial junctions, and even if they are there the lights do not work properly. Such non-functional traffic signals are just showpieces and serve no purpose except as  expensive perches for birds. For example, the traffic signal  at St Inez was installed years ago, but it never  functioned. Traffic signals are much needed at certain roundabouts, but they are not installed – for example  near the Panaji ferry wharf where four roads meet. There is no zebra crossing at the intersection, while the cops (if present) stands near the petrol pump, and does not force motorists to stop for helping pedestrians cross the road. Traffic signals should be installed on either side of the approach roads to Zuari bridge to lessen the chances of accidents due to overspeeding and overtaking.



Pay Salaries To All Priests

THIS is with reference to news reports about imams and some other staff in mosques in Delhi getting an increased salary from the Delhi government. There is no harm in the step if the same provision is made for priests and staff in Hindu temples, as well as the priests  and holy men  of  other religions. It is a bitter reality that most of the  priests in Hindu temples,  especially the smaller ones,  live their lives below poverty line. It is ironical that devotees offer the coins of smallest denominations at these small temples. A survey should be conducted throughout Delhi on Hindu priests.  These priests and other staff should be paid salaries equivalent to those being paid to imams and other staff of mosques in true secular spirit so that poor priests of temples may also have a better life.



Motorists Must Eschew Distractions

THE Goa police will be conducting a special drive against four prominent traffic violations from May 2 to 18. The four violations identified as most responsible for fatalities on road are speeding, use of mobile phone while driving, drunk driving and use of tinted glasses on vehicles. It is pertinent to note that besides these four violations there could also be several other traffic violations which can cause distraction for the drivers thereby leading to an accident. It is observed that many cars have a mini TV screen mounted on the dashboard which can be used for watching movies from the mobile or the pen-drive. This can be a source of distraction for the motorist. Playing loud music in the car or using earphones to listen to music while driving can also lead to accidents as the driver may not be very attentive to the driving. Incidentally Bluetooth device can also be used to speak on the mobile phone. It must be said that the police cannot be present at all places at all times to instill discipline among motorists in a bid to ensure road safety. It is left to each individual driver to avoid all possible distractions in order to ensure a safe drive.



Working Class Is Victim Of Apathy

AS with all the other Indianised catchphrases in recent times, ‘Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas’ too has been a misnomer for as commendatory a day as one purporting to highlight the trials and tribulations of that class of society which has been struggling to justify its existence for decades now. The first to be affected by disasters brought about by governments galloping towards unviable developmental goals unmindful of the economic consequences to the contrary, the working class has always stoically borne the brunt of the harsh decisions. Although there have been umpteen attempts to bridge the employer-employee gap, it continues to be that one decisive factor which has stonewalled all efforts to an amicable resolution. Labour unions formed to safeguard the workers’ interests, ensure them safer working environments and guarantee a secured life for their families are however seen treading a political path no sooner they are established. With prominent political parties also advocating labour solidarity movements in the country, one would have thought that the working class was in for better days ahead. But how have the frequent spate of strikes, hartals and bandhs called for by various political dispensations to augment their ideological pursuits and ‘settle’ scores with rivals served the cause of the working class! It is really unfortunate that in spite of realising that the vast availability of resources in the form of votes has undoubtedly been attracting political parties to align themselves with their unions, the working class has never managed to keep away politicians from their associations. Even in this year of elections, it is quite dismaying to note that not a single candidate across the vast political spectrum in the state has bothered to raise labour issues during their campaigns. If, at the insistence of the Prime Minister  of the country, the vast unorganised sector that the establishment prefers referring to as the daily wage earners is being introduced to the social security system in the country and extended the benefits, the fact that the government of the day is not oblivious to the hardships of the working class is more than obvious!


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