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Plastic Waste In Water Bodies

Many people in Goa are in the habit of disposing off their garbage, which includes a substantial amount of plastic waste, by throwing it into the water bodies. Studies have shown that plastic waste remains in the water for several centuries and is broken into micro and nano particles. These particles are ingested by the small fish which remains lodged in the blood stream of the fish. When these fishes are consumed by the people these nano particles of plastic find their way into the blood stream of human beings leading to several diseases including cancer. In the recent past there was a hue and cry raised about the fact that fish laced with formalin was being sold in the market, the consumption of which can lead to cancer. But we fail to realize that by our own irresponsible act of disposing plastic waste inappropriately we are contributing to the spread of deadly diseases like cancer among future generations. This needs to stop.



Refrain From Superstitions

The Constitution of India through the 42nd amendment enjoins upon its citizens to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry. This was incorporated in 1976 when the fundamental duties were added to make people aware that they should not be blindly engulfed in unfounded beliefs but rather they should counter them through scientific reasoning. With these thoughts in mind it is shocking to note that some staff of the Kala Academy was involved in the purification ceremony of the premier art complex where the mortal remains of the former Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar were kept for people to pay their last homage. Applying a saner mind, the very fact that the body of such a highly admired and respected visionary was kept in the complex, it would have cleansed and purified the area of any blemishes. But when superstitions and blind beliefs prevail in the minds of the people who are only infatuated with the ill-conceived beliefs of evil spirits prevailing after death, it is but natural that only such unsubstantiated acts would be surfaced. It is just unimaginable why people are still infused with the concepts of spirits and ghosts after deaths, despite there being so much of innovations and renewed thinking. In my opinion this has a great bearing on our religious scriptures. I wonder whether there is any religion in this world where the concept of evil spirits or ghosts is not specified. In our religious book that is held with such high esteem there are so many references of people being possessed by evil spirits and the same being driven away or made to enter in a herd of pigs and what not. I do understand that this could have been a thing of the past to confuse the naive but does it have any place in the modern world with a scientific approach?



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