Thursday , 17 October 2019
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On Opposition To Poll Dates
Few Muslim leaders and maulanas have raised objection to holding of the Lok Sabha elections during the month of Ramzan. The Election Commission said in this connection that care has been taken to see that election would not be held on Friday or on festival day. It is, therefore, not understood why such a complaint should be there though special care has been taken by the Commission in its declared schedule. So the claim of these leaders that their demands being ignored and election dates fixed purposely during this period has proved to be hollow after clarification given by the Election Commission. How can an objection be raised to an important process of democracy with regard to the time schedule of the polls?
Kishor Auti, Navi Mumbai

Act Against Dumping Of Garbage Along Roads In Quepem
As an alert and concerned citizen, I wish to draw attention to the dumping of garbage along roadsides which has created an unhygienic environment for the residents in our locality as well as the passersby. There are no dustbins kept near the residential complexes, as a result of which people feel it convenient to throw their garbage anywhere, mainly along the sides of the roads. This garbage stuffed in plastic bags is then scattered everywhere by stray dogs and cattle. The garbage has led to an increase in insects, flies and rats and also resulted in a foul stench. If the municipal authorities do not act quickly, this will soon lead to an epidemic. I would like to suggest that the authorities should provide dustbins to all the residents and even place bins at certain junctions in our locality. The collection and disposal of this garbage should be done in a separate location, away from the residential areas. It would be advisable to put up warning notices in the local language against the dumping of garbage. Defaulters should be heavily fined.

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