Tuesday , 18 February 2020
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PM Must Walk The Talk On Eradicating VIP Culture

Addressing Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel in Ghaziabad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently hit out at the VIP culture and the misuse of power: “The VIP culture is at times the biggest threat to security,” he said. He admitted that the VIPs throw their weight around, get angry at security checks and humiliate and threaten security personnel, who merely do their job. He called upon the VIPs to be disciplined and cooperate with the security personnel. Around four years back, the ‘lal batti’ on vehicles was banned, but not what goes with it! The VIP culture thrives even today. The Prime Minister must follow up his admonition to VIPs, gau rakshas, loudmouth politicians and the like with strict action. When he tolerates what he condemns, he loses credibility.


Make Fish Available At Affordable Rates

It is well known that Goans love fish. It is part of our daily diet. Centuries ago, our ancestors developed the habit of eating fish due to which we and our cats have it in our genes today. It is part of ‘Goemkarponn.’ But the prices of fish have risen shockingly. The price of a ‘vantto’ (share) of prawns is Rs 500, that of a small kingfish Rs 1,000 and a pair of pomfrets Rs 1,500. How on earth can a common consumer spend thousands of rupees on fish alone? Our government had promised to make fish available to the people at affordable rates but nothing concrete has happened so far. A fish van, which used to come to our village periodically to sell fish has stopped coming since over a year now. We appreciate the building of bridges and flyovers but what the common man is more concerned about is the cost of food. If our MLAs are truly concerned about the people of Goa and ‘Goemkarponn,’ which they say they are, they should put their heads together and address this serious problem of fish by making it available at affordable rates.


Repair Potholes On Ponda Roads

Although road repairs were undertaken in Ponda recently, one can still come across potholes on some stretches at different spots. These potholes can prove to be dangerous, especially for the two-wheeler riders, who may even meet with accidents while riding on such stretches. It is time for the concerned authorities to fill up the potholes on priority basis so that safety is assured to the road users.



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