Politics In Vindictive Mode

Narendra Modi has this penchant of calling the Mahagathbandhan of Opposition parties formed to oust him as a collection of people out to protect their corruption and also called it a milawat. One needs to ask Modi that if his allegations are true then what was he doing since 2014 to bring these corrupt people to justice. The people of India gave him the massive mandate in part for his slogan – Na khaunga, Na khane dunga – so that corruption in the country was wiped out. But nothing was done on any of the major financial scandals that had rocked the country, and only coming to the fag-end of his term in a vindictive mode, Modi and his government have gone against Akhilesh Yadav for illegal sand mining, Mamata Banerjee for the chit find scams, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi for the National Herald case, Robert Vadra for his land deals and P Chidambaram for the INX Maxis deal. It is abundantly clear that this is being done for electoral gains in the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Thus there was no seriousness to catch and punish the corrupt by Narendra Modi who has turned out to be like any other politician. The verdict is still out on the Rafael deal which may still turn out to be the biggest corruption case in independent India in which Narendra Modi has had his hands dirtied. BJP claiming to be a party with a difference has also turned out to be a party with no difference. And Narendra Modi has lived up to the chaiwala epithet bumbling along with his narrow minded agenda to seek only credit for himself and his government and in that process rode roughshod over professional people and destroyed most of the autonomous institutions in this country in the short span of 5 years.



Pakistan A Haven for Terrorism

Following the Pulwama terror strike, Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed Pakistan over its terror-happy attitude and said it has become a synonym for terrorism. Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan is only a puppet in the hands of the terrorists. Why is Pakistan evolved to be a safe haven for terrorism? First of all, it is a country saying ‘no’ to any progressive movement of society and freedom is curtailed under the pretext of religious tenets. To the chagrin of peace-loving people, highly conservative and extremist clerics holding sway over every village have been interpreting the religious principles. This has spurt violence and spelt doom for the entire people of Pakistan. A new system of religious teaching and preaching replacing extremist clerics from the soil of Pakistan can only make a new Pakistan. So, Pakistan government itself must take pragmatic steps in this regard. After all, charity begins at home.



Tributes To A Tolerant Politician

Through death man walks into the sunset forever. I often reminisce that if there is one thing that heralds certainty it is death and on equal footing life scripts the greatest uncertainty one can envision. You may appear to be strong and healthy but a tryst with an unwanted yet unavoidable destiny, possibly through a life threatening disease, can subvert you without any warning. No matter in what context or to fortify what creed it is said, ‘Oh death, where is thy sting; oh grave, where is thy victory’, none can deny that the sting of death is fatal and when the grave devours there is no return path. Yet what you accomplish before the ultimate knocks your door, leaving your footprints behind, is something that makes you great. The death of Francis D’Souza, the ex-Deputy Chief Minister of Goa has saddened many of us but his simple political life has left a mark for many to cherish. We have read a lot during the last few days in the newspapers of his journey from being an able advocate to shifting to politics and his loyalty to the last to his party the BJP, no matter what he had to encounter during his arduous journey. He was made the Deputy Chief Minister of Goa after BJP won the elections in 2012, essentially to please the Catholics who had voted them to power. However when the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar was inducted into the central cabinet as Defence Minister in November 2014, everyone expected that Francis D’Souza would replace him since he was his deputy. But instead Laxmikant Parsekar was sworn in as the Chief Minister of the state much to the chagrin of D’Souza and the annoyance of not just the Catholic community but all right thinking people as well. However though D’Souza expressed his displeasure he didn’t part ways with the party and remained true to it. Next, when he was ill with a serious life threatening ailment, he was stripped of all his portfolios which must have terribly upset him. But without making any scene he only meekly said that at least he should have been informed before relieving him of the job. Significantly, he did not express any dissent, which proves how loyal he was to his party.