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On Mulayam’s Endorsement Of Modi

Mulayam Singh Yadav is a perplexing gentleman whose political career has been a see-saw. The Yadav strongman has created power and enjoyed privileges.Both, at the Centre and in Uttar Pradesh (UP), his words hold immense value. The ‘kingmaker’ role suits the three-time UP chief minister and former defence minister to the T. Former prime minister H D Deve Gowda would vouch for it. The Samajwadi Party chieftain is famous for knowing which side of one’s bread is buttered. Therefore, when the 79-year-old praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the central hall of Parliament and hoped Modi would return as the prime minister for a second term, the astonishment level was to be seen to be believed. That the ‘mahagathbandhan,’ which is shaping well, has received a jolt would be an understatement. Did Akhilesh and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati go ahead with their grand unity without the blessings of the patriarch? Is the old political warhorse sore about being ‘sidelined’ by young honchos? Did a tacit understanding between Modi and Mulayam put words into the latter’s mouth? The OBC strongman’s support for another OBC leader may have Mayawati in mind because Mulayam may have wished to spring a surprise by indirectly rebuking Mayawati.   In the general elections, Mulayam’s new stance may harm the BSP’s prospects in a few seats. In such a case, it is advantage BJP or the Congress. All this is bound to trouble the ‘mahagathbandhan’ because the wily Mulayam has backed the strengths and applauded the character of the Prime Minister which Modi is certain to use to his advantage in the election campaign. The Opposition has always screamed about the non-inclusive nature of the BJP in general and Modi in particular. Mulayam endorsing Modi’s efforts has the potential to blunt the Opposition’s weapon. ‘Netaji’ has definitely stamped his authority, and relevance, again on Indian politics.



Tackling Issue Of Unemployment

Unemployment today has become a serious issue and well-qualified candidates are unable to find suitable jobs. Also, in the case of those who are fortunate to find employment, many are either not paid suitably or the posts they hold are not commensurate with their qualifications. As a result, the talent of many deserving youth goes waste. Unemployment leads to crime and other social evils. There is a need for organisations to adopt a fair policy and provide jobs and salaries in line with the skills and academic qualifications of the candidates.



LS Polls Will Not Be A Cakewalk For BJP

Strongly influenced by the near-traumatic experience of the ‘horrors’ of the economic reforms and revival effected by the Modi ‘sarkar’ in its first term in office, there are doubts as to whether the masses are in a mood to allow the BJP ensemble a repeat of the 2014 electoral success this time. Having established its credentials with an overwhelming majority, much was expected of Team Modi. While it could have taken the nation to the heights of progress and development ensuring India’s prominence in the global standings, the penchant for Congress-baiting has had the saffron party going to extreme ends to show the grand old party of the country in bad light. The occasional bolt out of the blue, whenever it has come, has had a cascading effect on the whole country. No matter how pioneering his efforts have been at putting the nation on the roadmap to sustained growth, the Prime Minister will be always known for the drastic decisions he made on issues that ought to have been treated with a fair bit of delicacy. Moreover, a feeling that nothing much has changed for the aam aadmi, who is still searching for the elusive ‘achche din’ does cast a shadow of doubt over the effectiveness of a government helmed at the top by a Prime Minister, who has been praised to the skies for his prescience and the fortitude to get to the root of the problems that assail the nation. As the countdown to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections begins, reports that India Inc is miffed with Modi government’s policies do appear ominous for the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance that is comfortable in the belief that all its policies have been driven in national interest. But from the captains of industry to the common man, can the Modi sarkar vouch for a fact that it has been a case of ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’, or have all such catchphrases been mere publicity gimmicks employed more so as a political rhetoric. It would, however, be wrong to assume that the rumbles within the ruling coalition and the sudden change of electoral fortunes for the BJP in the recently-concluded assembly elections in a few states stoke expectations of a poll reversal for Modi in the 2019 general elections. For, the emerging political alternative is as unclear as ever!


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