Tuesday , 12 November 2019
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Arunachal ‘Integral’ Part Of India

IT is highly objectionable that China is opposing our Prime Minister’s visit to the border state, Arunachal Pradesh. The border state is an integral part of India and there is no second thought about it. Further, the name ‘Arunachal Pradesh’ itself is derived from the Indian ethos. Any of our leaders can and must visit the state without being questioned by the Chinese government. Admittedly, China is much more developed and powerful than India, but the government of China is not democratic and so the freedom we enjoy here is not being enjoyed by the people there. Under an iron hand, a government can bulldoze its way towards development but a lot of humane qualities are crushed in its achievement. Our dear sisters and brothers of Arunachal Pradesh know of it and so they remain faithful and loyal to India. So a quick reply from the people of Arunachal Pradesh to the Chinese opposition to our Prime Minister’s visit will settle the issue. Moreover, mega projects with infrastructural development will change the state into the topmost destination of the country.



Penalise Ogling Tourists

IT is now official, misbehaving tourists will now be penalised. Tourists, who have hitherto thrown all caution to the wind, will now be penalised for creating nuisance. The nuisance created by tourists include consumption of liquor in open places, cooking food in the open, littering, breaking of glass bottles and such other activity. It is common knowledge that domestic tourists ogle at foreign women tourists in their bikinis who are either swimming or sunbathing at the beach. The Cambridge dictionary defines “ogling” as looking at someone with obvious sexual interest. Several photos are posted on the social media showing how groups of domestic tourists ogle at foreign women sunbathing on the beaches. Some tourists could even be taking photos on their mobiles of semi-clad foreign women. This must also be considered as creating nuisance by the tourists as it amounts to intrusion into one’s privacy. Those indulging in ogling need to be penalised as per law.



Abuse Of Elderly

IT is shocking to hear about abuse of the elderly, who should be well taken care of during their old age. In India, stories of old people being abused and mistreated are often swept under the carpet. The elderly are no longer treated with respect and dignity, but are emotionally and sometimes physically abused by their children and grandchildren. I recently heard about a man whose grandson was demanding money from him for drug consumption. The humble man continued to give him money because of love he had for his grandson. It was heartbreaking for me to know that a 70-year-old man was going through such sorrow. I think government should enforce stricter laws to make people think twice before they mistreat, abuse and neglect the elderly.



Solar Energy Holds The key To Clean Air

INDIA depends too much on power plants run on coal, to the extent that almost 80 per cent of all electricity generated in India is coal-based, which is causing pollution by way of emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and particulate matter into the atmosphere which can be greatly reduced if coal-fired power plants are phased out. Now, solar energy is being introduced in a big way since India is in the tropical region and sunlight is aplenty in India. The future of electrical energy in India lies in harnessing solar power which is a renewable source of energy. Besides small solar power plants, India should also go in for large solar power plants especially in areas that have ample sunlight and large arid areas to generate solar power on a large scale. In America, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in the Mojave desert in California has a concentrated solar thermal plant which provides 392 megawatts of solar power to about 1,40,000 households at peak hours. This ambitious power plant consists of 173,500 heliostats, each with two mirrors focusing solar energy on boilers for the purpose of generation of thermal energy. It is the world’s largest solar energy plant and is built on a 3,500 acres (1,400 hectares) of land. With the formation of the International Solar Alliance in India, plants of such magnitude and power generating capacity should be set up in India which will result in the long run saving of money due to the renewable source of sunlight which is most suited to a large country like India. Let us hope that the International Solar Alliance will embark on projects of this magnitude in India to provide clean energy to all, thus ridding to a large extent the emission of harmful greenhouse gases into the already polluted air in India. Solar energy holds the key to clean air quality in India.


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