Thursday , 27 February 2020
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Service Road Along The Fields Will Damage It Fertility

One of the option that is being discussed over closure of Verna-Cortalim road, is if of providing a service road of ten-meter width on either side of the highway along the stretch that needs to be shut down by taking on lease the land from the farmers on a temporary basis. It must be said that constructing the service road along the fields may be a temporary arrangement but it will have a permanent effect on the soil. It may not be possible to restore the agricultural land to it’s original state. The negative impact of the gravel and the tar that is being used to build road on the soil could be irreversible. The soil will lose it’s fertility and no agricultural activity may be possible in the future thus affecting the livelihood of the farmers in the area. The impact on agricultural activity needs to be kept in mind before taking any decision.


Fifteen Miners Trapped Inside  For Fifteen Days

Amazing India! Shocking India, that fifteen miners have been trapped inside the 370-feet coalmine since December 13 in the Ksan area of Lumthari village of Meghalaya, and fifteen days later on December  28 a team of Odisha Fire Services reached Meghalaya while 21 NDRF personnel and 10 powerful pumps have been airlifted to Guwahati by the Indian Air Force to assist the rescue operations of those 15 trapped miners in a rat-hole coalmine. In the past two weeks, no headways have been made in the search operations. Instead of the immediate help the Union minister Kiren  Rijju ask RaGa not to ‘do politics’ over the “tragedy”, because Congress chief Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying 15 labourers trapped in the a mine since December 13 were struggling for air while Modi ‘strutted about’ on Assam’s Bogibeel Bridge posing for cameras. It’s may be angered BJP and Rijju on RaGa but no one cannot ignore RaGa’s tweeter may be awaken both the Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma and the Central government, both are not serious about its citizens wellness, it was RaGa’s twitter awaken them, that too after the foul smell emanating from the mine and three helmets of the trapped miners recovered. Aam admi pains to recall that how the Modi government, few months back was very rightly offering all kinds of help to Thailand’s cave football team, but it has failed its own people miserably. Though it’s miracle to expect of life of the trapped fifteen miners in the cave, even that hope is no bound and prays for their safe return.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee, Faridabad


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