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Traffic Sentinels Are Over Enthusiastic

RECENTLY I received a notice from the traffic cell, Altinho, stating that a traffic offence has been committed by me in April, 2018. And the offence was that my vehicle has tinted glasses. As directed by the notice, I drove to the traffic cell in the vehicle, which allegedly had tinted glasses: the fact of the matter is that   glasses of my vehicle are not tinted.  Officials there were very courteous, and confided that they receive several such complaints, and on examining the photographs it becomes difficult for them to come to a decision whether the glasses are tinted ones or not. After inspecting my vehicle, the offence was treated as ‘no offence’, as the vehicles glasses were not tinted. The traffic cell must catch hold of such traffic offenders while on the roads, fine them and get the films removed on the spot,   instead of depending on photographs sent by traffic sentinels. I request the traffic sentinels to report genuine traffic violations.



On CIC, CVC Appointments

THE Supreme Court has said that it is not practical to achieve unanimity on names of central information commissioners and central vigilance commissioners as a three-member panel comprising the Prime Minister, the Opposition leader and a central minister decides on the selection of the people for these posts. However, the SC has clarified that leader of largest Opposition party will be on the three-member panel in case there is no recognised Opposition party in Lok Sabha having ten per cent strength of total members. But a system can be devised whereby the central government may put a list of double of the posts for which selection is to be made. Then the names picked up from the list by the Opposition leader may be considered as unanimous choice of the selection committee.



No Tears On Death Of Aam Aadmi

A safai karmachari (scavenger) dies every third day in a gutter on an average in our country. But we seldom, if ever, talk about it. However, we raise our voice against the killing of a man-eater! Avni, the tigress, is believed to have killed and devoured 13 humans at the Pandharkawanda-Relagaon forest of Yavatmal district in Maharashtra over the last two years. Avni was labelled as a man-eater and had been the focus of a massive hunt for the past few months.  It would have been better had it been caught alive. But catching a man-eater alive in a forest is not as easy as in computer games! Some of us are now shedding tears for Avni. But can they ever feel what would have been their reaction if they were the residents near that forest area with a knowledge that a man-eater was roaming around? Do they believe that the family members of those 13 people killed and devoured by Avni are also human beings like their own family members? Can they be as vocal against its killing if one of their family members were a victim of a man-eater? Can they feel the trauma of the local people who celebrated Avni’s death? Would there have been protest against the killing of Avni had it killed a rich person?   It is highly unfortunate that we do not value the lives of the common people. Our attitude had been as callous as ‘hota hai’ type when more than 100 people died on the altar of demonetisation in various places of our country or when nine children were crushed in front of their school by an SUV in Bihar or 13 people had been devoured by a man-eater in Maharashtra for two years. This showcases how we have been devaluing the lives of the Indians. Ironically, the common people are like Indian rupee that keeps on getting cheaper day by day in terms of dollar. Some people believe that the rich have the merit in them to be treated differently. But there is no merit in inequality and inhumanity! And it does not depend on the merit of a person to be born with a silver spoon in her or his mouth.


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