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Unfair Bus Fare Hike

THE decision of the transport department to hike the minimum bus fare for private buses in the state from a minimum of Rs 8 to Rs 10 for the first 4 km will hit the common man badly for whom commuting by bus is the cheapest mode of transport. It may come as a surprise to many, that despite the existing minimum bus fare of Rs 8 passengers are forced to shell out Rs 10 and forego the balance of Rs 2 for want of short change by the conductor. To get back Rs 2, passengers are asked to shell out another Rs 3 in change in exchange for a Rs 5 coin. This is the racket presently going on in some private buses, which often leads to arguments and badmouthing. Secondly, why are bus tickets not issued to passengers? This is something which was made mandatory five years ago, in addition to the wearing of uniforms by both driver and conductor. Thirdly, while it is the duty of the transport department to address the grievances and demands of the bus operators, it is also their duty to see to the comfort of the passengers by not overloading buses to the point of suffocation.


Redressal At Snail’s Pace

IN the morning of November, 17, 2018, a hacker threatened to flood my mail with malware/virus and expose all my mails, unless I pay thousands of dollars in bitcoins to the given address within three days. I could not change my password as it appeared to me that my computer was in hacker’s control. I am an ordinary senior citizen, and not computer savvy. I ran from pillar to post to get redressal: I approached the Ribandar-based cyber cell, the Porvorim police station   and even the police headquarters in Panaji. My complaint is moving at   a snail’s pace. I asked the cyber cell via an SMS for progress and SOP for the complaint. And the answer was: “under process, once done will update you, SOP as normal”. This ‘normal’ mode surely does not show any efficiency and urgency and must be updated in public and nation’s interest. I am disappointed at the ineffective police protection that the common citizen can expect to get when required. I understand that Centre has launched a cyber crime portal and the Supreme Court was told by the government that SOP for handling complaints has been finalised. We live in hopes.



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