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Mumbai Still Largest Contributing City Towards Income Tax

Mumbai loses tax-growth to Delhi but still remaining highest contributor for Income Tax. It refers to data about Delhi having an all-time 45-percent high growth in collection of Income Tax leaving far behind Mumbai having growth-rate of just 4.6 percent but Mumbai still being the largest contributing city in India towards Income Tax with Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune far behind Mumbai in Income Tax collection.  Income Tax Department should now concentrate on other parts of the country other than Mumbai and Delhi where Income Tax collection is much-much less than it should be. Senior officers in different Income Tax circles should be motivated through incentives and proper training so that Income-Tax collection may witness increased growth rate in other cities of the country as well. It is ridiculous that with so much spending power of extra-luxurious items on record, those declaring incomes above rupees one crore is much less than one crore. Number of Income-Tax payers though increased considerably after currency-demonetisation, yet it remains only a tiny part of those whose incomes should be taxable. It is time that agricultural income be taxed after some special basic exemption to avoid ultra-rich persons including celebrities and VVIPs hiding their unaccounted incomes under tax-free agricultural income.



Gaja Cyclone hits Tamil Nadu

It is disheartening to learn that Cyclone Gaja, packing wind speed up to 125 km an hour, killed 30 people in Vedaranyam Nagapattinama and left a trail of devastation in costal areas and its surroundings. According to the reports cyclone caused widespread damages, such as road network was extensively damaged and the power distribution network was severely affected in seven districts of the state. The people of the state are facing a rough time for their survival because of this natural disaster. Indian government must step up to help Tamil Nadu to bring them out of this critical situation. I also request the state government to provide them with possible assistance in such disaster.

M F U Tandvi, New Delhi


Mishandling Of Day-To-Day Affairs Of Government

The government, of late, has put the whole state in a quandary. If the ‘erroneous’ circular directing all bureaucrats to ‘divert’ government correspondence, files and official business to the office of the power minister sent shivers down the spine of key allies in the coalition indicative of the power plays in progress, allies in the present coalition finally admitting to the total collapse of state administration is the perfect example of this ‘deferred reaction’ to a phenomenon that was crystal clear for everyone but the partners in the ruling combine. At this juncture, blaming the entire mess on lethargic bureaucrats does appear to be the easy way out for the disgruntled alliance partners who incidentally do not want to blame the ailing Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar but have no compunctions about making a claim for the coveted post either. What an unenviable situation the state finds itself in! However, ministers from the alliance who are spewing venom at the bureaucrats are behaving like children who are refused their favourite toy. In the modern administrative system of our country, the bureaucracy plays a crucial role. But here in Goa, the bureaucracy is being conveniently used as punching bags by ministers to vent their frustrations on. The ‘accountability and responsibility’ factor that the leaders are referring to are heavy draws when it comes to political rallies and such other conventions. But how answerable have they, as representatives of the people, been to problems that beset their voters! With self-promotion overriding all other considerations, greed as that motivating factor has put them on a one-way track where the welfare of their constituency members is relegated to a distinct last. Annoyed at being overlooked and given a free run, these are but natural reactions displayed by the legislators on being offended. It would have been commendable if the ministers, both from the BJP and its allies, were to collectively decide on a person-in-charge who could manage the day-to-day affairs of the government till such time that the stalemate over the leadership issue is resolved.


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