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Wild And Stray Animals Threat To Humans

The killing of man-eater tigress ‘Avni’ by officials of the wildlife section of the forest department of Maharashtra, which was responsible for the death of several people in Maharashtra,  has been welcomed by the ‘All Goa Farmers Sangh’ with an invitation to the department  to tackle the menace of wild animals in Goa that are causing untold damage and losses to their crops. This is a laudable step taken by the Goa farmers who have rightly stated that “ it is easy to take a pro-animal stand , but nobody understands the challenges faced by farmers suffering from wild animal attacks on crops in Goa” By the same token, it is hoped that an early solution is also found to  put an end to the grave danger to people’s lives in Goa by attacks and bites by stray dogs, where even children are not spared and often mauled to death by these predators. Hundreds of dog-bites are reported every month, but who cares? Even anti rabies vaccines are sometimes in short supply.

A F Nazareth,  Porvorim

Formalin-Laced Fish Is Unsafe As Manure Too

Amid the controversy over the ban of import of fish, the police reportedly seized a truck carrying spoilt fish. Due to the formalin in fish controversy, a lot of fish could remain unsold and get spoilt. Fish waste and spoilt fish is usually used as manure for the coconut trees. However if the fish is laced with formalin then this spoilt fish could prove dangerous even for the trees. Fish that is spoilt is generally sent to the fish meal plant where it is converted to protein supplement to feed farmed fish, as pig feed, poultry feed and also as fertilizer. The question to be asked is that if fish laced with formalin is used in the fish meal plant will the end product be safe to be used as animal feed and fertilizer? There is also every possibility of the fish, that remains unsold in the market and which is laced with formalin, being dried in the sun and sold as dry fish, which is a delicacy in Goa. Will it not be a health hazard to consume such dry fish? Obviously the only alternative to deal with spoilt fish would be to destroy it in the garbage treatment plant.



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