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Supreme Court Verdict On Section 377 A Right Move

In our euphoria about the Supreme Court rightly putting down Article 377 that criminalises LGBTs, we forget to ask one question. Why cannot an intimate relationship between people be called a friendship instead of as lesbians, gays or bisexuals? It cannot be so because such relationships go beyond the emotional bonds and are intimately physical. Also in our effort to appear modern and broad-minded, we ignore to accept that hardly any parent would endorse and encourage their son having gay sex and would squirm at that idea. Transgenders cannot be clubbed in the same category because that is an unchangeable physical trait, while the LGB behaviour is a psychological preference. You cannot call it criminal but it does appear to be a psychological aberration.


Maintain Orderly Wiring On Electric Poles

If you have a look at the electric and other wiring in and around the Chicalim village, you will notice most of the wires reaching the ground as opposed to being held onto the electric poles. One will also notice creepers crawling over the wires. Sometimes the wires are lost in the branches of trees. As the roads remain busy throughout with people travelling towards the airport or city, these wires can be seriously damaging. The unkempt wiring leads to continuous power cuts too. In the evenings, when the residents of apartments across Chicalim go for jogging or a walk on the roads, the wires can turn out to be hazardous to them as well. Thus, the wires need to be put back in order and the poles need to be maintained at regular intervals. The branches of trees that come in contact with the electric wires need to be trimmed off. There are cases of minor transformer explosions noticed, so why not do something before some major tragedy occurs.


Don’t Limit Identity Proof For Govt Services to Aadhaar

Unlike before, you are now asked to produce proof of identity or proof of address for every service you require, be it renewal of Deen Dayal health insurance or transfer of vehicle registration. As a citizen, you have many options to provide this proof like voter’s card, Aadhaar card, passport, driving licence etc. This has been the practice all over. However, of late, most of the clerks at the public counters in Goa straightaway demand Aadhar card and do not accept any other proof as if to say that Aadhar card is the only sacrosanct document. This is a totally wrong trend and should be stopped. The government and the autonomous bodies should instruct their staff not to deviate from the standing norm and practice. People should not be denied the freedom to provide proof of their choice so long as the documentary proof they produce is in the list of permissible items and it is authentic.



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