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Road Accidents on the Rise

One of the prime reasons for the increase in the number of road accidents is the rise in the number of vehicles on the roads. Hence the need of the hour is traffic discipline and proper road signs which can be bring down the number of road accidents considerably. It must be said that school children are at great risk of meeting with accidents, specially, at the time the school closes for the day when the children rush out from the school premises in order to reach home early. Many of the schools are situated close to the main roads. It should be mandatory to have speed breakers on the roads near the schools, specially the primary schools. There should also be zebra crossing near the schools. However, most of the roads running near schools, specially, primary schools do not have these safety precautions. The Government primary school in Vasco, is located along the busy Swatantra Path. The road neither has a speed breaker nor a zebra crossing near the school. As a result school children are at risk of meeting with an accident. Speed breakers and zebra crossing should be mandatorly put up on the roads near all the schools in the state


Re-arrest of Masarat Alam Bhat

It has been reported that in the combined  PDP & BJP (alliance) led government of state of Jammu & Kashmir,  which is an integral part of India, a separatist, Indian national & Hurriyat leader Masarat Alam Bhat, the possible successor of Hurriyat hard-liner Syed Ali Shah Geelani,  has been re-arrested on April 17, 2015 (he was set free from the jail by the PDP’s new CM Mufti Sayeed on March 1, 2015 which caused a major political controversy and also dominated India’s Parliament proceedings )  on the sedition charges of raising Pakistan’s flags and for shouting anti-India slogans in an organised  ‘Geelani Rally’ in the protest of killing of  two youths in the Indian Army’s operation. The troubled valley is always in the news and bad Books as pro-Pakistani elements there are carrying out anti-India activities, in support of Pakistan. Taking into consideration of the past records of the Hurriyat leaders ( here the reference is made about what had  happened in 1989 which led anarchic situation and stone pelting rally in 2010 ), it will be proper to book the leaders on  the charges of “treason “ for the hardest  punishment which will deter others not dare such activities and will also set as a precedent ,  no mercy for traitors but.


Illegal Occupancy of Land by Migrants

Some people claim we need to help migrants who illegally occupy land on humanitarian grounds. That is a half-truth, the other side of the coin is the vote bank. We all know this. Why buy land if all a person has to do is squat long enough, and finally own the land! If we do so, there will be no difference between legal and illegal, law and lawlessness. What the government needs to do is to demolish all illegal encroachments all over Goa. Then the government will be able to prove to Goans that it has principles and upholds the law and justice. Otherwise, it will look like targeting a particular section of society, slum dwellers.



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