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Ensure Regular Water Supply To Adpai Village

Residents of Adpai village in Ponda are facing inconvenience due to the non-availability of tap water during day time. Water is unavailable in the village for a major part of the day and the same gets restored only during late evening or night time. Due to this, household chores such as washing of utensils, clothes, cooking etc get delayed to a great extent. This has been continuing over the years and residents at large remain silent spectators with no alternative at their disposal. Neither the elected representatives at the local village panchayat – the village panchayat of Durbhat nor local MLA Ramakrishna alias Sudin Dhavalikar has initiated any favourable action in order to end the hardships of the local population. The MLA has taken up the initiative of providing water tanks to people for storing water. However, what is the use of providing these tanks when taps run dry for the entire day? Certainly, one cannot expect people to remain awake till late night to fill up the tanks. The PWD Minister has been assuring to provide regular water supply to people in North Goa and South Goa on different occasions. Recently, he even went to the extent of saying that Cortalim and the surrounding villages would receive water for 12 hours in the next two to three years. But what about the people residing in his own constituency? No assurances of any sort have been given to the residents as yet and sufferings of the people have been increasing by the day. Even during an extreme emergency, residents are not provided water through water tankers.



Ajit Wadekar – The Man Who Taught India To Win Abroad

The passing away of legend Ajit Wadekar has left the cricketing world stunned. The year of 1971 might seem innocuous to a normal Indian, but to a die-hard cricket fan, it brings exceptional memories to cherish. Colour televisions were a thing of the future while the rather ‘primitive’ radio was a sole device that made us listen to the cricket commentary. Not only in West Indies, but in England, India’s outstanding achievements to win matches outside the nation for the first time were the crowning achievements of Wadekar. Bishen Singh Bedi and Sunil Gavaskar, the legends of cricket, started their careers under the stewardship of Ajit Wadekar. Himself a legend, he inspired many budding cricketers like them to flourish into absolute excellence. It was not only a beginning of fame for the Indian team but a start in the international relations of the young nation. The gaming spirit of this aspirer is still remembered through a waterfall of tweets rushing since Thursday morning, ranging from Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding him as a “wonderful captain” to Anil Kumble complimenting him as a “shrewd tactician.”



Providing Food To Poor and Hungry

It is a shame that child shelter homes in Muzaffarpur in Bihar and Deoria in Uttar Pradesh have been used for sexual exploitation of children. Surprisingly, adverse reports on those shelter homes had allegedly been ignored. While the Muzaffarpur social welfare department had given an adverse report on the shelter home, the Deoria shelter home continued to flourish even after the suspension of its licence. Be it cruel exploitation of children in shelter homes or callous attitude in controlling those homes or engaging children in labour or keeping millions of children hungry in our country and thus making their growth stunted forever – it shows that we do not want to take care of our future citizens. What will we answer if God asks us why we let milk and honey go down the drain to cool off his head depriving his children of food? We try to sweep the fact that we fail our children under the carpet of overpopulation. But it is a lame excuse. To know how densely a country is populated, we must study the figure of population density and not just the number of population. Population density is calculated by dividing the population by the area. According to 2011 census, the population density of India is 382 per square kilometre but it is as high as 488 per square kilometre in the Netherlands. Now, if we compare the Human Development Index rank of these two countries, we will see that India is stuck at the HDI rank of 131 but the Netherlands is at the enviable 7th position. While we have achieved only 74.4 per cent literacy, the Netherlands has got 99 per cent. The fact of the matter is we fail to adopt a policy of inclusive growth for human development and labour intensive technology for creating an employment bridge that can take the food to hungry mouths. As a result, while astronomical amount of food items is left to rot; 48.2 million children in India are facing hunger, malnutrition and stunted growth. If we neglect our children, we will simply destroy our future. How can a country be strong if its future workforce remains malnourished, stunted, unskilled and traumatised?


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