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Improve Quality of Debate in Assembly

There is a dire need to improve the quality of debate in our legislative assembly. A cursory comparison of the Goa assembly debates to our Parliament’s debates highlights that the state legislature needs better debates. Since Goa is a small state, even those issues that are actually worth discussing in panchayats and municipalities are brought before the House. Some new MLAs are lost for words when they try to ask a supplementary or speak during the debate. The Speaker should ensure training of all MLAs. The assistance of the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training, New Delhi, can be sought in this regard.


Say No To Kiki Dance Challenge

Did you ever imagine that one could possibly meet with death by dancing? Well today, you could if you do the Kiki dance.” Drake, a Canadian rapper, has composed a song in which there is a catchline: ‘Kiki do you love me.’ There is nothing wrong with the song but its popularity is said to have prompted comedian Shiggy to dance to its tune on a busy road and post a video of it on Instagram. Others followed and now there are hundreds of such videos on social media all over. The craze has reached India too with some people giving local names such as desikiki, bhangrakiki and so on. The kiki dance challenge requires the dancer to jump out of a car, shake and dance beside a moving car and then jump back into the car. Many youngsters are reported to be attempting the challenge, crashing into poles and narrowly escaping being run over by the vehicles. The traffic police are said to be having a worrying time in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and elsewhere. Goa has the highest number of road accidents due to various reasons. We don’t want Kiki dance on our roads to claim more lives. Parents who have given cars to their children, better be forewarned and see that they don’t indulge in this crazy Kiki dance which is dangerous to all people.



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