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Facilities at International Football Stadium

Tickets for FC- Goa versus Kolkatta football match are sold out. There was a huge queue at Panaji Gymkana, Campal of more than 5,000 fans and at Margao more than 15,000 fans; the queue for tickets was from 4.00 am Fatorda and while at Campal was from 6.00am and the tickets were sold out just within an hour after opening their offices at 10.00 am, later people ran for internet but could not get as the message  came as “Unvailable” meaning sold out. What is the fate of Goans in Goa to see and give support for FC- Goa then??? Reasons could be parking problem and road blockade due to heavy rush of vehicles. How will the football lovers see the match now? Considering all this what will be the fate of Panaji if Government decides to have a stadium at Campal?  Will it be feasible to have a football stadium of this kind   and of international level?  It is advisable to have a football ground at Merces. Let the ground of Bandodkar at Campal remain for the youth of Panaji.



Politicians’ Birthday Advertisements Expenditure

On every birthday of our ministers and MLAs, a number of advertisements appear in the newspapers from their friends and supporters conveying wishes and compliments.  It will be in fitness of things if the political functionaries discourage this practice and appeal to their supporters to instead use the money to help and enlighten the needy.  Such a step will also lay to rest public suspicion that these advertised wishes and compliments are stage-managed by the leaders themselves for self-aggrandisement. The supporters shower tonne of praises on the politicians and use all the adjectives possible to describe the leaders not forgetting their favourite one ‘dynamic leader’.  One wonders why, when all the leaders are dynamic, their departmental performance is usually slow, if not static. The moment the politicians are out of power, all these advertisements dry up and their friends disappear.  It is pretty obvious that all these advertised wishes are only profuse expressions of gratitude for past favours and means of soliciting new favours.  The supporters know well that their leaders relish flattery.



Acquisition of Land for Garbage at Colva

It appears that there are many things decided by politicians in Colva, without taking the Colvenkars into account. I believe for instance there has been no Gram Sabha held for quite sometime and the so called monitoring authorities like the BDO are least interested, despite repeated complaints. Such pathetic is the case of governance in Goa today! The latest is the acquisition of land in the prime Colva area that is close to the market place, school, fields, church etc for the purpose of dry waste segregation. I appreciate that we need to tackle the garbage issue but how this will come up without proper details to the people. Where in Goa do we have such a facility properly managed? Are the normally incompetent authorities concerned planning another “Sonsoddo” at the prime centre of Colva? What is the plan to ensure that this will truly be dry waste; why are the proper details and process not given the people so that Colvenkars can be reassured that they have nothing to fear.  I request the Colva Panchayat and local MLA to please present proper details on the letter to Colvenkars; who on their part should also demand to know.



Pathetic Intelligence Sharing System

Post 26/11, maritime security has been gaining special attention with efforts being made to plug all loopholes that could lead to a compromising situation as that happened during the infamous Mumbai terror attacks. But the lacunae in our existing security mechanism have only worsened the already fast deteriorating security environment in the country. Decrypted communications between militant organizations in India and Al Qaeda have only served to trigger alarm among intelligence officials without much coming of the efforts to crack the sleeper cells which continue to remain inconspicuously dormant awaiting a prearranged signal to perform acts of terror within the country. With ISIS now challenging the Al Qaeda for leadership of transnational Islamist militancy, news that the dreaded terror outfit is grooming Indian militants for big attacks doesn’t bode well for India either. Routine drills like the two-day comprehensive Sagar Kavach exercise carried out earlier this month fail to infuse a feeling a safety amongst the populace considering the ingenuity of the terror perpetrators who always appear to be a step ahead of our intelligence agencies and anti-terrorist squads. Sea, land and air; and now with the cyberspace falling prey to the scheming ways of ‘tech whizz kids’, our vulnerability to threats from all conceivable routes stands out in glaring anomaly. It is a sorry state of affair that the intelligence sharing system between various agencies and their efficiency to decipher reports filtering in being so pathetic, we have often woken up late to threat perceptions. The abject ‘dysfunction’ that characterizes a system entrusted with intelligence gathering has been the bane of this country. More often than not, intelligence inputs from foreign agencies have saved the day for the country. Even the arrest of an executive working for an Indian conglomerate in Bangalore accused of operating the ISIS twitter account was facilitated by a report emanating from abroad. Britain’s ‘Channel 4 News’ claims would have definitely come as a major embarrassment for intelligence agencies and investigators in India. However after the latest ‘jihad marketing’ episode, it is abundantly clear that our police and intelligence agencies are at their wits end faced with online threats and criminals.

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