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Wipe Out Dengue From Chicalim

DENGUE has gripped a reputed school at Chicalim as  11  schoolchildren tested positive to the disease.    The area around the school has turned into a breeding ground for mosquitoes because of the unrestrained construction activities in the vicinity. The outbreak of dengue in the areas has claimed the life of a five-year-old school student. It is understood that two students are undergoing treatment at the Goa Medical College and Hospital, Bambolim. It is pertinent to note that the mosquitoes, which carry the dengue virus, bite during the daytime. Hence the students, in all probability, must have contracted the deadly disease when they were within the school premises. It has been observed that after dengue raised its ugly head in the area school students are seen coming wearing trousers and socks. This precaution may not be sufficient to protect the students from mosquito bites as the face and the hands still remain exposed. It will thus be prudent for the school administration to declare holiday for a few days for the students until such time as health authorities have taken all necessary steps to put an end to the mosquito menace in the vicinity and the area is declared free from vector-borne diseases.



Black Smoke Endangers Our Life 

GOA has been plagued by black smoke emitted  by polluting vehicles. We  are subjected to inhale this black smoke emitted by vehicles especially  public transport vehicles. This smoke can cause lung cancer, and  pulmonary and respiratory ailments. Our cops and RTO officials are  seen  penalising motorcyclists and scooterists  for riding without wearing helmet.  The motorists whose vehicles give out  the black smoke are not taken to task for causing pollution.  It must be noted here that the Supreme Court has instructed insurance companies not to issue insurance certificates to vehicles if they do not produce pollution certificates. I know that certain government approved private garages issue pollution certificates without any hesitation:  nobody is denied a pollution certificate even if the vehicle gives out huge volume of smoke and which is above permissible limits.



Infuse New Life Into Goa’s Dying Trades 

CONSIDERING the scarcity of fresh marine fish, the seafood caught by the local fishing community adopting traditional ways is in huge demand these days. For that matter, the ‘rampnnichem nustem’ always come to the rescue of fish-loving Goans. However, except for the monsoon when there is a ban on trawling in view of the breeding season for fish, the ‘ramponnkars’ hardly net a sufficient catch to make a decent living, compelling many members from the local fishing community to shed their inhibitions and join the ‘mechanised’ fishing brigade. In fact, the tediousness and infeasibility of continuing in traditional trades has seen a steady exodus of these workers to the more ‘lucrative callings’ that offer them better life. Goa’s traditional occupations have been on the decline over for the past several years due to financial constraints and other considerations. This has   left  the local artisans no other option but to move over to greener pastures. ‘Paddekars’, as they are known locally, are a dying tribe now  and their dearth has compounded the problems of landowners. For want of this class of workers, the plight of  coconut plantations says it all! Likewise, the acute shortage of many such craftsmen who plied the trade of their ancestors has resulted in a vacuum in trades  which call for the expertise. As always, the government is to be blamed for the bias shown towards traditional occupations. In spite of the best of efforts from concerned quarters it has been observed that traditional occupations do not find favour amongst youngsters in Goa today. Boasting of a rich heritage, it is rather unfortunate that the new generation of Goans have found it suitable to become slaves to the convenience of modern technology. Their waning popularity and the lack of interest shown by the government to revive them do not help matters either.


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