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Nation Needs Judges Like Chelameswar

With Justice Chelameswar retiring as a Supreme Court judge, the Indian judiciary will miss an honest judge of unquestionable integrity. It will be no exaggeration to say that Justice Chelameswar ploughed a lonely furrow and remained a dissenting yet strident voice. It is easy to flow with the tide as you swim rather than swimming against the current. Chelameswar had to pay the price for his rigid stance on issues on which he never got bogged down under any circumstances resulting in a delay in his elevation because of which he never got a chance to don the mantle of the Chief Justice of India. I think he will never regret it. At a time when the independence of judiciary is questioned and the influence of the executive in all spheres has become rampant, the country needs judges like Chelameswar.


Mangueshi Temple Incident:Punish Guilty

The recent incident (NT July 20) wherein priest of the Mangueshi temple has been booked for allegedly molesting a Mumbai-based Goan-origin girl in the temple premises is contemptuous and outrageous. Earlier, it was reported that two girls were molested in the temple premises by the same priest. The two Mumbai-based girls of Goan origin had complained of molestation by the temple priest. It is praiseworthy on the part of the victims, who boldly exposed the heinous deed of the temple priest in their letter to the temple committee. The temple committee should have taken immediate cognisance of the serious act by the said priest and taken action. In such a situation, the concerned priest should have been discharged immediately from the temple duties and an internal inquiry should have been conducted. It should have then followed with an external police inquiry as soon as the complaint was lodged by the affected party. I hope the temple committee will look into the matter with utmost seriousness and act appropriately. As a Mahajan of the temple, I am deeply hurt and feel the reputation of the temple must be restored and devotees’ confidence in the temple’s serenity and that of the sacredness of the deity be restored at all costs.



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