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Give Govt Jobs To Right Persons

RECENTLY a high-level committee headed by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar approved to fill up 400 posts   in various government departments. Furthermore, around 5000 posts are expected to be approved by the government in the near future.  In Goa, as in other parts of the country, the selection of the candidates applying for government posts is not done on the basis of merit, but mostly on favouritism. Some candidates even pay huge bribes to secure these jobs, denying   the posts to the sincere, educated and suitable candidates. This malpractice must end once and for all. Moreover the focus on   ‘one government job for a family’ is not upheld. The authorities should stop accommodating their favourite candidates.NGOs and voluntary groups should be on their toes in highlighting any hanky-panky practices adopted by the selectors to choose their favourites.



Authoritarianism On The Rise In US

US President Donald Trump has managed to legitimise fake news and do things “accidentally on purpose”. He insults and berates democratic governments and alliances but praise despots like Kim Jong-un of North Korea and foes like Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jinping of China. All accusations against by porn stars and other women, financial irregularities by him and his family members mean nothing to Trump. The US has denounced the UN human rights body as a hypocritical institution with “cesspool of political bias”. Once a champion of human rights, the US has pulled out of the UN body, and it was only after strong public disapproval worldwide and his wife and daughter expressing the same that he rescinded the order that separated children of illegal immigrants from their parents.



Konkani Channels Unavailable On DTH TV

IT is sad and disturbing to see that none of Goa’s Konkani cable networks are available on any of satellite DTH TV networks.  The channels transmitted from other states in their own languages are available here in Goa, but not a single Konkani TV channel. Our government and  politicians keep on harping on ‘Goem’, ‘Goemkar’, ‘Goemkarponn’, but  does not do anything to have a single Konkani satellite channel so that it is available on DTH TV networks. I request our Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and other ministers to make efforts to ensure that at least one of the Konkani cable TV networks is available in DTH networks currently offered in the state.




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