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Legalise Cannabis For Its Medicinal Value

I refer to the recent decision of the government of Canada to legalise cannabis (marijuana). Many countries all over Europe as well as the United States of America have already accepted the medicinal value of cannabis, and have legalised it. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) has accepted the fact that cannabis has medicinal value and is used to treat cancer, Alzheimer’s etc and it is not harmful to health. Cannabis has been smoked by sadhus from times immemorial. It is also used in allopathic medicines. It is high time the government of India legalised cannabis so that the citizens of the country can benefit from its medicinal value.


Stop Illegal Sale Of Open Spaces By Builders

The Goa government has been fighting many land issues and illegal building construction issues in the recent times. Whether it is the case of a building collapsing in Canacona or communidade land being usurped by private parties, all these are grave problems for land-starved Goa. Another issue that is cropping up like a weed is the illegal sale of open spaces by builders to flat owners. For example, a terrace is an open space, which cannot be sold by a builder. Yet builder sells it and no action is taken against him. A building terrace is an escape route for the residents of the building in case of a fire or any other disaster. The town and country planning department needs to come down heavily on such builders, who violate the law and sell open spaces in buildings. Timely action by the authorities can help maintain safety of the people and keep a check on such unscrupulous fly-by-night builders.


Common Man Victim of AAP Sit-in

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his senior ministers recently sat on a ‘dharna’ for over a week in the waiting room of the Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Delhi over the bureaucrats allegedly resorting to a strike and not cooperating with the government, and the LG did not meet the Chief Minister. The Congress and the central government apparently want to discredit the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government and obstruct any good that the government wants to do. Police and bureaucrats in Delhi are now fully under the LG’s control backed by the Centre. The authorities disrespecting and denying permission to four elected chief ministers of other states to meet Kejriwal was unacceptable in a democracy. At a press conference the four chief ministers correctly stated that after a week of the ‘dharna,’ no action taken by the LG or the Prime Minister to end the impasse was not acceptable in democratic India. Who will compensate the people for their suffering due to political crisis brought about by any political party?



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