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No Rules For Traffic Personnel; Go Digital and Halt Malpractices

The authorities are issuing challans for violation of traffic rules, towing two wheeler’s etc and collecting fine amount on spot. This is required to imbibe sense of discipline and awareness in public but at same time there has to be sufficient parking lots. The fine amount is high and most of the time one may not have full amount as happened in my case in two instances (over speeding 4 wheeler and illegal parking of 2 wheeler). The personnel are rude and adamant not allowing taking their own man to fetch cash from nearest source. The option was to part whatever amount in hand without getting receipt. Even those having full cash are most likely to opt for same as it is beneficial. In the process government is losing revenue and challan issuers are having hay day. It is also likely two wheelers’ may be towed just to make up the quota for the day and one is forced to shell the amount in their pockets. This is biggest lacunae existing and government is looser even after steep increase in fines for violation of traffic rules. The best course of option is to go ‘digital’. The offence should be clicked in camera and notice to be sent, by post or message, to the owner, who has no option than to pay full amount of fine in designated office. The traffic cells in important cities must be modernised and upgraded to take care of same. This will give sufficient time for payment which will go directly to government treasury without manual leakages, manipulations and malpractices.

B V S Priolkar, Margao


Verdict On Blackbuck Poaching

Apropos the letter, ‘It’s too much for Salman Khan’ by Robert Castellino (NT, April 7, 2018), there is no doubt that the verdict on blackbuck poaching case has tried to translate the Article 14 of our Constitution which says, “The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law..” into action. It goes without saying that this article is against such practices as that of treating some persons as more equal than others on the basis of the amount of bucks in their pockets or their status in social hierarchy or the amount of money involved in their pending occupational engagements or the glamour of their public persona. Now, we need to seriously reflect on three important aspects to improve our justice delivery system. The first is to look into the correlation between ‘justice delayed’ and ‘justice denied’. We have to admit that delay in justice always boosts morale of the criminals having done the people in general and the victims in particular a disservice in that proportion. This is the reason why it is said, ‘justice delayed is justice denied’. Indeed, ‘better late than never’ can hardly be applicable so far as justice delivery process is concerned. The second thing that we must ponder is, if we really value the lives of poor footpath dwellers as precious as that of endangered species.

Sujit De, Kolkata


Outsourcing Medical Services To Contracted Agencies

Apparently the Health Minister Vishwajit Rane is on an outsourcing spree, contracting out a number of medical services to professional agencies. Needless to say his efforts are bound to usher in ‘monumental’ changes in the state’s health sector. Starting with the outsourcing of the handling and management of the round-the-clock pharmacy unit, followed by the centralized laundry unit at the GMC-complex;  plans afoot to offer plated-food to patients and outsourcing of post-operative ICUs and the radiology department in the state’s premier medical institute makes the minister’s intentions very clear. He wants to transform the health scenario in the state! Seemingly the successful outsourcing of specialised medical services in other parts of the country has urged him on try something along the same lines in Goa. We can only wish him luck! But how effective does this mode of business propose to be where the entire gamut of the state’s health services will now be sourced out to professionals under the overall supervision of the health department, when it is this very ‘overseeing’ that invites apprehensions from other quarters. For, it has been generally observed that outsourcing activities in government departments suffer largely due to negligence on the part of the principal employers to monitor the performance of the contracted agencies. Although the medical facilities in GMC are some of the best that patients can avail of, the staffing and quality of care in government hospitals and CHCs/PHCs/UHCs have come in for quite a lot of criticism. The very fact that the distrust shown by the health minister in his own low-cadre staff has prompted the minister to rush headlong into signing agreements with contractual agencies for outsourcing responsibilities traditionally shouldered by government staff highlights the shortfalls. Maybe the ‘reforms’ attempted by the minister in the health sector are required in public interest and may bring relief to the sick and ailing. However, it will definitely have adverse affects on the worrisome employment scenario in the state – no to speak of the local business community dependant on the peripheral activities that earn them their livelihood.


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