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Traffic Chaos at Dona Paula Circle
On August 16 the residents of Paula had a tough time maneuvering their vehicles to go to Panaji. Really this is too much from the department of Tourism which is responsible. Nearly more than 1,000 vehicles were seen around the D Paula circle and the parking was done upto the Raj Bhavan and at the Bambolim side it was upto the NIO Quarters and down the slope to go to Panaji was upto the Aivao circle. Towards the D Paula Jetty, the vehicles were almost blocked as the sewage work was in progress. No NOC was given by the Traffic Dept as per PI Angle for sewage work project, but the project is underway by PWD. Practically all the roads were used for parking and our residents of D Paula vehicles were unable to go to Panaji and also to attend church services at Caranzalem which was at 6.30pm. I managed with my 2-wheeler and went directly to Panaji Traffic Police Headquarters and met the Police-In-Charge P Angle and reported this serious matter. He told me that he cannot do anything that this is a daily affair, and he had been fighting with all the authorities with no solution, which includes CCP Mayor, Commissioner, department of Tourism, and CM’s office and others. I suggested, if he can divert these tourist buses to Panaji side instead of coming to D Paula or ask them to park at D Paula plateau and that these tourists can walk upto D Paula. He said it is not possible. I have asked him how he managed on Independence Day then. And whenever there is some programme or functions at Raj Bhavan by politicians the traffic is almost well controlled. Green Rosary School children too are affected by this traffic chaos, so also daily office goers, thus causing delay in reaching their destination. To add to the woes a huge illegal construction at Water Sports Complex by National Institute of Water Sports authority at Aivao-Cranzalem cause more traffic problems. Requesting the concerned officials to look into the matter at the earliest, I hope that no tourists buses take halt on any of the Dona Paula route or adjacent to the Circle.

Buses Moving at Snail’s Pace
It is a fact that over-speeding does cause accidents. But then it must also be said that vehicles which move at a very slow pace do cause obstruction to the smooth flow of traffic and may even cause accidents. It is seen that private mini-buses plying from Headland Sada to Vasco city move at a snail’s pace. The buses are deliberately driven very slowly so that there is build-up of passengers at the bus-stops along the route. This slows movement of the buses and cause hindrance to the smooth flow of traffic specially during rush hours and on the steep slope at Sada can even cause accidents while other vehicles try to overtake these slow-moving buses. It is common knowledge that over-speeding is prohibited by law. Is there no rule that does not allow vehicles to move on the roads at a snail pace thus causing inconvenience to road-users as also posing a danger to other vehicles? If there is a rule prohibiting slow movement of traffic, why not the authorities concerned act in this instance?

Hotel Etiquettes and Customer Service
With unpredictable rains now, I sought shelter into a small reputed hotel in Margao one evening. Sipping hot tea, I was aghast to see the adjacent table littered with used and crumpled table napkins. The seat was occupied by a family of three and rather than tuck into the array of snacks ordered, they were more intent on wiping themselves dry using the tissue papers the hotel management had placed on every table for the convenience of the patrons. Now, one can well understand the customers using a paper or two to dab their hands and faces off the ‘aftereffects’ of a greasy meal. But to have the whole family very liberally helping themselves to the whole supply of napkins on the table is something that disturbs one’s ideas of etiquettes, table manners to be more precise. And for patting themselves dry of the rain water! Nor did the family come out as an uneducated lot, going by the appearance. It was as if the hospitality of the hotel management was being taken for granted! As one might be aware, good hotels are in the practice of arranging tables with a bunch of paper napkins provided on each of them. But this does not warrant patrons the liberty to indiscriminately use them. Even today, some cafés have waiters handing over the customers a napkin a piece after presenting them the bills. Considering the ‘extravagant’ habits of some patrons, it would appear that this trend should continue in all the hotels, or at least till such time that people get into the habit of compulsorily avoiding wastage of these amenities. It is all the more worse to have managements expressing their helplessness at taking such customers to task over these improprieties simply for the reason that such actions would displease the patrons, resulting in them not frequenting their joints any further. On the face of it, such habits do seem quite innocuous, but it does leave a lasting impression of one’s uncaring and irresponsible ways on the other guests in the hotel, and especially so on the waiters and other staff in the hotel amongst whom such customers stand to lose their respect.

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