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Advisory Cautioning Tourist
It is excellent that the Tourism Department has come out with an advisory that cautions tourist against breaching the state’s cultural and moral codes. The 39 instructions also warn of strict penal action for violation. While these instructions which are intended to clean up tourism in Goa are most welcome, it is equally important that the law enforcing agencies enforce them and book the offenders without fear or favour. Otherwise they will remain on paper like 39 commandments. The tourists could just break and deny knowing government will forget. Interestingly, the 39 commandments also include smoking, chewing gutka and spitting in public. In this respect, instead of the tourists, should not we focus our attention on the resident migrant labourers, who spit, urinate and defecate in public places, giving the impression that anything is allowed in Goa?
GMC Commendable Achievements
It was indeed heartening to read that our Goa Medical College has been undertaking kidney transplants and that in the last three years, the nine such surgeries done were successful and the both the donors and the recipients are leading normal lives. The Head of the Dept of Urology Dr Madhumohan Prabhudessai deserves to be congratulated on this achievement. Doctors Shirish Borkar and Jaganath Kolwalkar of the Department of Cardiac Surgery also need to be applauded for introducing heart bypass surgeries at GMC and successfully undertaking them. As we are aware cardiac and kidney ailments have been on the rise in Goa and hence these achievements of our doctors at GMC, either free or at minimum cost will go a long way in alleviating the financial burden particularly of those who cannot afford costly treatment and surgery charges involved in such interventions in private hospitals. In the recent past, these two achievements and the introduction of 108 emergency ambulance deserve special mention. Despite some hiccups, which may be inevitable at times, 108 have rendered yeoman service to Goa and surely helped saving many lives. The Governments of Goa need to be commended on these initiatives and it is hoped that new and better services will continue to be provided not only at GMC but also at the Government hospitals in Margao, Mapusa and other places. We also pray that the said surgeons and other doctors continue to serve our institutions and their patients with the same zeal, dedication and competence they have shown so far.
‘Love Jihad’ in Democratic Nation
The tolerant people of India are getting angry at unchecked aggressive groups and BJP government tolerance to violence by their supporters and fringe groups! It is reported that hundreds of VHP activists with bamboo sticks vandalised vehicles, shops and roadside stalls in Bagalpur to ensure complete shutdown. This is in itself a crime! SP Vivek Kumar said they halted trains and blocked railway tracks disrupting rail traffic for many hours. A FIR lodged by the mother of 17 year old girl stated that she was abducted, forcibly married and converted after being tortured etc. The SP said “In her statement in court the girl stated that she went with the boy of her own volition”. With conspiracy theories and love jihad floating around, it is high time Prime Minister Modi seriously investigates all this and knocks some sense into these “might is right” people. Unless he speaks and acts firmly on this dangerous subject to nip it in the bud, not only law and order will be a casualty, but there is danger of our democracy going the Pakistan and naxalite way!

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