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The Craze for VIP Security
IN a democracy, government employees are supposed to serve the people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who calls himself ‘prime servant’, gave the Independence Day speech from ramparts of the Red Fort without any protective screen. I am therefore surprised to see reports that the CRPF is alarmed at the increasing list of VVIPs coming under security cover requiring armed commandos. They are now going to get customised and bulletproofed cars for road journeys. Why can’t there be security arrangements that were put in place on Independence Day in the national capital so that everybody, including VIPs, are protected through good intelligence and groundwork involving enhanced policing leading to good law and order?
ISL Will Take Football to Higher Level
THE stupendous success of the first edition of the Pro Kabaddi League took even the organisers of the event by surprise. The stadiums were packed with fans enjoying every moment of the fare that was dished out by the players. And the enthusiasm was sustained through five long weeks. The PKL proves that Indian fans will support other sports too and not just cricket, provided it is well packaged. The success of PKL will give the promoters of the new football Indian Super League the courage to dream big. Hopefully the ISL chaired by Nita Ambani, will take football to the next level. Team owners of the eight teams will do well to build up fan clubs with a broad-base by offering membership to fans at nominal rates. This will foster a sense of belonging among fans, which is as important as team spirit, if football is to take rapid strides in FIFA rankings.
On Lok Sabha and Assembly Polls
THIS refers to the Election Commission of India deciding to hold elections to state assemblies of Maharashtra and Haryana in October 2014 and for Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand in December 2014 or January 2015. This schedule is contrary to the viewpoint that results of early-held polls can affect the outcome of elections to state assemblies to be held later. Even though elections to four different state assemblies may be separated by few weeks in view of availability of security forces, it should be ensured that counting to all the four state assemblies may be held simultaneously. Frequent elections in the country unnecessarily cause additional expenditure for the government and political parties, besides diversion of attention from normal activities. A system should be devised whereby terms of state assemblies may be automatically reduced or enhanced by maximum upto one year so that simultaneous elections with Lok Sabha elections may be held for such state assemblies whose terms are to expire till one year after or before due general elections to Lok Sabha.
Much Ado about 100 Days
I don’t understand why the media is going gaga over Narendra Modi’s first 100 days as Prime Minister when aam aadmi is desperate to meet both ends. Newspapers and TV news channels have conducted polls covering over 2,000 people (for 125 billion population) in the ages 20-60 in big cities, which is ridiculous and on expected line. They should have waited for full one year to make their assessments on Modi’s performance. We should not forget that the recent big inaugurations by Modi are nothing but UPA’s gifts. The NDA government is now cashing in on UPA schemes, though it had strongly opposed when these schemes were being given shape by the UPA government. However, the launch of the Jan Dhan Yojana should be appreciated.

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