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‘Acche Din’ for Poor Under ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’
In the first clear indication of ‘acche din’ to come for the poor, PM Narendra Modi launched the ambitious ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’ under which 1.5cr bank accounts were opened on the very first day. These zero-balance accounts are unique in that each holder will receive a debit card allowing overdraft up to Rs 5,000, in addition to personal accident insurance of Rs one lakh and life insurance of Rs 30,000. The scheme has the potential of becoming the greatest ever game-changer in the history of the nation. The direct transfer of cash for subsidies (like purchase of gas cylinders, kerosene etc) and for welfare schemes (such as MNREGA), will deliver a death blow to massive corruption that currently deprives the poor of their rightful dues and the government of crore of rupees. Women too will get more money in hand to keep the home fires burning, much of which is now squandered by husbands on alcohol . The scheme, aimed at eradication of financial untouchability may ultimately lead to the eradication of social untouchability, thus proving to be a better option than the ‘reservation’ policy.
Robert Castellino, Panaji
Age limit for Politicians
Prominent Congress leaders Janardan Dwivedi and Digvijaysingh have rightly advocated for imposing an age-limit for being in politics, a view on their own party disassociated itself. Prime Minister Narender Modi has also tried to have a sort of age-restriction in formation of his cabinet despite dissent amongst some of party veterans. When there is age-limit for all others like in bureaucracy and judiciary, there is no reason that an upper age-limit may be fixed for being in politics. An upper-age limit for being in politics will tend to end dynastic politics, a harmful aspect which has turned politics as a profession or family-business for many in politics. Since any such age-restriction cannot be imposed in political parties through legislation, at least law can be amended whereby an upper age-limit of somewhere between 65 and 70 years may be imposed for contesting any direct election including for Lok Sabha, Vidhaan Sabha or local bodies. It will do away with all controversies resulting from over-ambitious politicians. Experienced persons if needed in government can be made Rajya Sabha members, abolishing also system of totally useless upper Houses in states presently incorporated only for rehabilitation of favourites of political rulers.
High Standard of Governance Expected
Though people welcome that an OBC and a former Chief Justice of India Palanisamy Sathasivam is tipped to be the Kerala governor, but in the same breath his appointment raised eyebrows to thousands because his justice was the one who had granted relief to the BJP president Amit Shah. People now expecting that the days are not too far when the head of the Special Investigative Team (SIT), R K Raghavan, who was in undue haste for closing Naroda Patiya investigation (the Apex Court not accepted it and the case is now subjudice) without bringing the culprits to the book will nullify the very objective behind formation of this SIT should be tipped for some other important assignment. People wonder that why the government failed to understand that there to have a period of 10 years, when constitutional positions are not allowed to higher appointed positions. Agree, the Congress and earlier NDA had used the Governor’s position as a haven for placing their politicians to provide immunity etc, even the former CAG chief T N Chaturvedi who accepted BJP membership after being appointed to a constitutional position after opined against Bofors deal and joined Vajpayee government. Now, people expected from the current NDA that they follow the high standard in the governance but Sathasivam’s (though gave some good verdict) appointment raised the doubt.

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