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Lessons from the pandemic

Arabella Lumley

While this pandemic is turning out to be a very confusing and difficult time for many people, it is undoubtedly giving humanity an incredibly rare opportunity to learn some challenging lessons. These lessons will trigger a much-needed change of perspective for how we do things on this planet and will hopefully enable us to turn over a new leaf.

For so long it felt that we had been living in a way that went against everything that is natural and sacred. Most of us are wondering what the future will hold and how this pandemic will change the way we do things. There is no way to escape the change in perspective that it will bring. This is our silver lining, and it will hopefully allow us to look back on this time and feel there were some benefits.

There are valuable lessons to learn from this.

The power of stillness: Our lives were put on pause, many were forced to work from home, and we can no longer travel unless necessary. With this, we were given the power of stillness and the opportunity to unapologetically slow down. There is no other situation other than an outbreak of a virus where our world would come to such a pause. This will most likely be an opportunity that we never get again. As such, now more than ever—for those who are still under lockdown—this is the time to go within and be still with yourself. Heal, remove emotional blockages, meditate and practice yoga. Take this opportunity to do the inner work that you previously had no time for. If ever there was time for personal transformation, it’s now.

Friends and family mean everything: Probably the most difficult part of this journey for most people is being separated from their friends, family, and maybe even a romantic partner. Connection is something that is so critical for our emotional and mental well-being, yet it something we often take for granted. After this is over, will reach out to each other like never before and everyone will be so overjoyed to see their loved ones again. And just maybe we might be a little bolder and share our smiles and greetings with those we don’t even know.

Nature continues to thrive even if the world has shutdown: For many during this lockdown nature has been a life saver. Whether we spend time in our garden, walk through a park, do gardening, grow food, or simply poke our head out of our window for some fresh air and sunlight, the serenity of nature has been something we can rely on. While the world stopped, nature remained constant.

Incredible stories have also emerged about wild animals taking over quiet city centres and dolphins returning to waters that they haven’t been spotted in for hundreds of years. Nature never stops, and the sad truth is that less human activity has meant that nature has been able to thrive in a way that most of us haven’t seen in our lifetime.

Yet, maybe seeing nature in full force with all its beauty will prompt us to create new systems where humans and nature can thrive together.

Either way, it is believed that humans will make a renewed relationship with nature and just hopefully this might lead to big environmental change.


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