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Lemiride, a bike rental aggregator launched

Lemiride a bike rental aggregator platform, launched in Goa on January 26. The launch was synchronised in 18 cities. In Goa a networking session was held at Dona Paula. It was attended by stakeholders from various travel related ventures. Lemiride is promoted by entrepreneurs Preetesh Rane, and Chirayu Mishra, who aim to cater to two types of customers, individuals who rent for travel and others who rent to commute within cities.

Preetesh Rane, founder said, “Lemiride is my dream project, an idea that I have been nurturing since I started traveling. I rented a bike on first solo trip from Ahmedabad to Kutch and the bike stopped due to low fuel. I was flabbergasted by the experience. Over the next six years, I traveled 22 states across India renting bikes in most of these places experiencing the business first hand.”

Co founder Chirayu Mishra said, “Lemiride is a platform for people who share the same passion for travel as the entire team. We want to be a go to brand for people wanting to experience the world differently.”

Lemiride is a bike rental aggregator platform. It allows one to book a bike of your choice, anytime, in 18 locations across India. Their customer experience doesn’t just stop there. There is also suggestions and tips to customers enabling them to have an offbeat experience. The 18 places where the bike rental platform operates includes Goa, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Manali, Leh, Lucknow, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bangalore

among others. 

The startup plans to expand reach to 40 cities over the next one year and plan to rent out at least 5000 bikes per month by the turn of the year. They are also planning to engage and collaborate with adjacent industries in the travel arena like home stays, tents, local food, trekking and offbeat journeys aiming to be a complete travel solution for the modern youth.

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