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Learning through doing

Agricultural activities have seen a sharp decline over the years. It appears that this practice is meant only for the oldies and is slowly dying as the younger folks are shying away from this important activity.

But this does not apply to the students of Our Lady of Lourdes High School, Utorda, which is perhaps one of the few schools which has incorporated agriculture with work education for standards V – VII.

The students with the active participation of their teachers grow various crops like onions, French-beans, cluster – beans, red- amaranth, turnip, brinjal , sweet potatoes and chillies.

This activity has been going on for the past 15 years. The motive of introducing this subject was to inculcate a sense of dignity to labour amongst the students. The villagers appreciate the efforts of the school authorities and have been assisting the school by providing land for growing crops, ploughing with a tractor, donating seeds and manure, water, electricity etc. The students work enthusiastically and get the technical know- how of the various agricultural practices. Harvesting is carried out on a regular basis.

In the ever expanding wilderness, Our Lady of Lourdes is proving to be an oasis.

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