To check COVID-19 surge, a few states have imposed night curfews and as Goa is also seeing a spike in cases, NT KURIOCITY asks youth whether they think there is a need for night curfew in Goa too and if it will help in any way

Several states like Uttarakhand, Gujarat and Maharashtra have been observing night curfews and lockdowns, whereas in Goa there’s no lockdown or night curfew imposed. On the other hand, some experts have said that night curfews are to reduce social gatherings which will help reduce the spread of infection, especially at night. But I’ve noticed the crowd outside the casinos act as if they’re getting on the last bus to go home. Well, that isn’t acceptable at all by the locals. The general public should strictly follow section 144. Nightclubs should be closed and people should be prohibited from going for a walk to help bring down the rising cases of COVID-19. Our citizens of Goa cannot understand the sensitive nature of the situation and are being irresponsible.

Diksha Gawas, Don Bosco College, Panaji

Considering the vibrant night life in Goa, a night curfew would be particularly painful for its people and the move might adversely impact the local economy. Perhaps this is precisely why a curfew would be so effective; firstly, high-risk situations of inebriated individuals closely mingling in the night are reduced, dampening the spread of the virus. Moreover, there is a clear signal that life is not back to normal, vigilance needs to be maintained and the fight is not yet won. Nonetheless, the government’s focus should be on tracking, testing and isolating active cases, with additional actions playing supplementary roles.

Abhijit Pai, chartered accountant, Fatorda

Night curfew may work to reduce the spread but most of the activities involving contact among people happen during the day, thus making it futile for controlling spread of COVID-19. The deadly virus can only be controlled with a complete lockdown of the state with strict measures and only making available medical facilities.

Shivani Nadkarni, V M Salgaocar College of Law, Miramar

Curfews are intended to reduce non essential social gatherings between people as it will discourage and decrease mobility among people who are most likely to be out late at night, which in turn will help to reduce the spread of infection. It will also allow little respite to our healthcare workers, who already are under heavy caseload. Virus transmission neither sleeps nor observes holidays so strict SOPs are required considering Goa is a tourist state.

Nikhil Karmarkar, engineer, Ponda

The night curfew will definitely help in curbing the situation. It will also ensure functioning of the normal economy and also reduce the risk of COVID-19. At the same time it is important that people maintain hygiene during the day while in contact. If night curfew is implemented, people must follow it religiously without any violation of the law.

Shwetang Nadkarni, businessman, Panaji

With the surge in COVID-19 cases in various parts of the country and growing concerns of the second wave of infection, several states have begun to impose night curfews. Health experts say that curfews are a measure to reduce social gatherings, which in turn will help reduce the spread of infection. Also, the challenges for law enforcement authorities are much higher at night. As Goa is a tourist state and is already seeing a spike in cases there is a need for night curfews.  

Vaishnavi Naik, AITD