By Bhaskar Bhandare


Life has changed, lifestyles have changed and routine has changed. Physical classrooms have been replaced with online classes, handwritten notebooks have been replaced with printouts. Here I agree that we are living in an extraordinarily tough situation and yes, the pandemic has thought us many things. But after saying all this a serious question arises in my mind, are we going in a right direction? Is our education system really adopting innovative methods of learning? And frankly speaking how many of us go to school to get good knowledge and values?

Right from school we have been taught that education is very important. Without education we will never survive this competitive world, which is true to some extent. But again, is what we are learning in our educational institutions valuable? Or is it only meant to pass where the entire focus is on getting good grades, of course here I don’t blame the students entirely for this. Well, who else is to blame? The parents?

Every student wants to get good marks. And every parent wants their child to pass with good marks. Then who do we blame? Well, the answer is our education system. The Indian education system which was designed by the British is still going on for almost seven decades. Though recently the union government has come up with some good changes in our education system, which is great. But the real question is – will a student get value education? Will he or she gain some knowledge from whatever they study? It’s very strange that even after 70 years of independence we could not find the answer. Or maybe we don’t want to see the answer which is right before our eyes. The root cause of this problem that students only focus on marks is pressure. Pressure from parents, from friends, pressure from society. But we are not realising that by doing this we are not allowing a student to gain knowledge that he or she can apply in real world situations which can not only hep them earn better but also build confidence in them. Our educational syllabus has become so outdated specially in the technical domain like engineering that it’s a joke that very old and outdated computer processors and car engines are still being taught to students. After this they don’t get a job because they don’t know anything about the latest technology. It is scary and very sad that today when we talk about being Atmanirbhar or self-reliant nation but with this approach we will never achieve that goal. Here I have no intensions of saying that India has no future. Our nation India is doing extraordinary well, even better than developed nations. But after saying all that we can’t deny the facts, if we really want to become a superpower then value education can play a very important role here.

There is a need to make our education more value and knowledge-centric. We don’t need sophisticated technology or hi-tech classrooms. We just need simple method ie study to gain knowledge, gain value and gain application skills. Only then the increasing unemployment will end. And then the problem of large population can gain advantage where job seeking workforce can turn this to an opportunity towards employment generation. A Chinese emperor once said: “If you want to be successful bow down and work very hard silently.” Similarly if we want to be a super power and self-relent nation we have to work smart because today we are living in the age of technology where we can adopt innovative approaches to strengthen our education system.