Amid the rising number of COVID-19 cases across the country, travellers in a few states are asked to carry a recent RT-PCR negative report. NT KURIOCITY asks youngsters if they think Goa Government should also apply the same rule for people entering Goa and how the government can tighten COVID protocols

In my opinion amidst the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Goa, the Goa Government should apply the same rule for people entering the state. Wearing masks should be a compulsion and this should be taken care of. Apart from this, personal hygiene and sanitary facilities in public spaces should also be looked after. Walls in Panaji market and elsewhere are messy due to people spitting on them and are clearly not a pleasant sight at all. Measures should be imposed to look after those violating this particular norm, especially when we’re all in these difficult times.


Raysancia D’Cunha, Dhempe College of Arts and Science, Miramar

Goa Government should definitely apply the same rules for people entering Goa as it is done in other places like Bengaluru, Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab and Chandigarh. An RT-PCR negative report forCOVID-19 should be made compulsory for all travelers coming to Goa. The Government should make it mandatory for them to download the Aarogya Setu app and confirm their status as ‘safe’ and make them realise the seriousness of the situation. Once the tourists have entered Goa, a COVID-19 test should be made obligatory for everyone, after being tested negative for COVID-19 they should quarantine themselves for the next 14 days. Sanitisation of all things has to be a necessity. Once the 14 days quarantine period is over, the tourists should compulsorily wear a mask while roaming out and maintain a social distance at all times. If in case any of them provides false information about the report or doesn’t comply with the directions of the authorities, legal action should be taken against them.


Ruhi Morajkar, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

Goa has always been a tourist attraction. But as we know the current situation, people should have control over their wanderlust. The graph of corona cases is seen increasing rapidly in Goa. And like other states, Goa Government should also implement a rule of carrying COVID negative certificate by travellers entering the state. As you can see in markets, beaches, bus stands, everywhere there is nothing called as social distancing. People have even stopped wearing masks. Compulsion of carrying COVID negative certificate will affect tourism but if the cases increase it will lead to a total lockdown which will affect local businesses more. If your head is intact, you can have a thousand turbans.


Uttam Parsekar, Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi

Our state government should implement the same rules on the tourists entering Goa. As a lot of tourists come to Goa to escape the COVID lockdown and curfew in their states. This inflow of tourists entering the state is posing a huge risk to the health of the locals and evidently leading to the rise in cases as all these tourists entering the state come in untested and possibly carrying the virus. The government can tighten its strings on the tourists entering the state by making it mandatory to have a RT-PCR negative report prior to arrival in the state and also possibly limiting the number of tourists entering the state. Tourists coming to Goa must undergo compulsory quarantine of seven days, curfews should be implemented thus preventing people from roaming about unnecessarily and anyone caught flouting the rules should be fined heavily.


Reuban Mascarenhas, Colva

To be very honest Goa Government has failed in implementing the SOPs in stricter ways. Economic activities must undoubtedly go on as not just an individual but the entire state is handled by that but being irresponsible with current situation will compel us to face a bigger risk of COVID. The second wave of the virus has already begun in our country and our very neighbouring states are planning to go for immediate lockdown as they have witnessed thousands of cases rising up in just one day and for that matter Goa too has seen an exponential hike which is a warning alarm. We have lots of tourists coming to Goa from the states which have the outbreak of virus at a dangerous level and those tourists are potentially a risk for our state. RT-PCR negative report is compulsory in their states then why not in Goa? We say precaution is better than cure, I wonder why precautions are not taken. Section 144 is becoming a blunder in our state. Awareness is done but implementation is gone to dogs. What the government preaches is not reflected through their actions. And again an important thing is the general public is being most irresponsible. We can’t blame the Government all time.


Kishan Manjunath Mangueshkar, Shiroda